Jan 6-9, 2022, Long Beach Convention Center, CA

Masquerade, Fashion Show, AMV Contest, ALA Idol, Dances, Live Programming and more


Get ready to move

Dance Battles

ALL SIGNUPS ARE SUBJECT TO CLOSE EARLY so please signup soon and review our rules on our Discord



→ ANX GALAXY BOUNCE: “Jpop+Kpop Battles”

(Team signups only) [Saturday Event]
This event puts both Jpop and Kpop in the same dance-cover-competition for the ultimate entertainment spectacle. Come watch as a spectator or signup to be in the event. Signup period is from now till January 3rd 2020.

→ ANX KPOP BATTLES: “Solo Clash”

(Solo signups only) [Sat & Sun event]
This even is for those wanting to compete solo in a multi-day tournament elimination dance-cover event. Come watch as a spectator or signup to compete in the 2-day event. The signup period is from now until January 3rd 2020.