January 10-13, 2019 Ontario, California

Masquerade, Fashion Show, AMV Contest, ALA Idol, Dances, Live Programming and more


Get ready to move

Dances and DJs

Thursday 1/25/18 Day 1

11PM – 12PM W.T. Snacks
12AM – 1AM Omniboi
1AM – 2AM Syntho

Friday 1/26/18 Day 2

8PM – 9PM DJ Jinrei
9PM – 10PM Caji?
10PM – 11PM Revolution Boi
11PM – 12PM Venine
12PM – 1AM Naisu
1AM – 2AM Akira Complex
2AM – 3AM rainy

Do you have an urge to dance the Gentleman in your Survey Corp Uniform? Want to see Kakashi and Byakuya breakdance it out on the dance floor? Come over, and check out Animé Los Angeles Dance!

Appearing DJs

Akira Complex

Akira Complex is a producer, remixer, and performer signed to Attack The Music/S2TB Recording primarily working within Japan’s Doujin Music scene as well as working with companies such as KONAMI Japan and Trigger Inc. Now appearing on KONAMI’s latest installment of their Beatmania IIDX franchise, Akira Complex combines rhythm game influences with melodic yet hard hitting bass music.



Caji is a San Diego DJ for over 5 years now and has done gigs for Anime Expo, the Foundation, Boar Crossin, RORAX 2017,and Kimpton Palomar Hotel. She has performed with DJs such as Naisu, Hikeii, and YUNA YUNA. She has also been an opening DJ for DJ KrisCut and Orion-Song. She is an all around DJ but is loves to play anime music, electronic, and hip hop music. She is able to keep the crowd dancing and full of energy for the whole night without question.. Her energetic personality is clear in her sound and when performing in front of a crowd.





DJ Disc Jockey

This is a triple threat guest DJ that is not only a member of Mega64 but a voice actor (most notably as Adam Taurus of RWBY) and a professional cosplayer for brands like Funimation, Kojima Productions, SquareEnix, and Nintendo. With over 40K followers across all of his social media platforms, a popular twitch stream every wednesday,  his unique music taste, and being a main member in a comedy group with an even bigger fan base Garret is sure to be a excellent addition to our line up.




An eclectic mix of fun, fashion, and good tunes,  DJ HYPE☆GIRL (don’t forget the star!) has been refining their musical palette since the big days of blogspot. Whether it’s a secret soundcloud banger or an anime opening theme, DJ HYPE☆GIRL’s relentless energy is sure to pump up just about any crowd!

ColossalCon Thurs. Night Rave (second half)


Anime Central Love <3 Shine


Sick Kicks @ Magfest [Private Party]



A newly emerging contributor to the DJ scene, rainy☆ ‘s inspiration stems from Japanese doujin music. rainy☆ plays music from independent artists who deserve more exposure and is passionate about sharing their favorite music, bringing good vibes, and happy feelings to their audience through these tunes. Their motto is “music brings color and emotion to the world. A world without music would be a monochrome existence.”

“When I close my eyes and listen to music, I can feel it rushing through me like a wave. I want to share this exciting feeling with the world. Thank you for listening♡”

rainy☆ played their first live show at Forager Tasting Room & Eatery in San Jose as part of a new show series called 408mph, put together by a collective of local friends.




Developing an obsession with videogames and the music in them, Omni started listening to and making chiptune at an early age.

Not stopping at chiptune, Omni has experimented with several different genres and after teaching himself to play the piano, joined and wrote music with several bands in Arizona.

Taking inspiration from all different types of music and artists while still sprinkling his tracks with references to his roots in chiptune, Omniboi’s goal is to make a sound that is very accessible and also unique to his own vision.




Naisu is a San Diego based artist, sharing his experience of life through music. With influences from all over the world, his diverse & hard-hitting sound will inspire and get you moving on the dance floor.




Syntho is a moe-bound darkweb DJ that draws sounds from breakcore, drum and bass, club, ket donk, and werks. DJ Syntho curates sounds from all across Japan, capturing the moe spirit.


DJ Jinrei

Producer / DJ originally from Bristol, England. Currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.


I like to play just about ANYTHING, but.. House music is KING.

More detials:

Kpop / Jpop RMX producer and convention & club coordinator. Also a Graphic designer and co-founder of SUPERANX / ANX Kpop & Jpop Battles

Believes: “all music should be free.”


Revolution Boi

“The U.S. based DJ–Jami “Revolution Boi”–has been in the Electronic Dance scene for 15 years as an avid listener and vivid performer.” His influences from Progressive and Trance have made him notable for his uplifting compilations and he has been recognized around the globe. As a traveling DJ, Jami’s experiences became a diversity of genres resulting in him developing a unique ability to emphasize and capture an emotional state of mind for his listening audience. As VOCALOID was introduced and became relevant, Jami’s curiosity sparked an interest, and he was introduced into a new subculture. Now known as the first Vocaloid DJ in the nation, the “Revolution Boi” name came to be relevant to the Anime scene. With experience filling houses at anime conventions like Anime Expo, his remixes and DJ sets are sure to fill the room with energy.




Venine is a duo formed by 2 friends, Adam and Caesar. Adam, hailing from a small town in Sweden, and Caesar, a SoCal native, are set on redefining the current electro house sound. With heavy basses and huge, thumping kicks to complement their signature electro style, Venine has already been supported by DJ’s that have played Tomorrowland, and are quickly gaining popularity with artists and listeners alike.


Only Caesar will be performing.


W.T. Snacks

A name carrying much internet infamy, W.T. Snacks has been the host of his own weekly online radio show and downloadable podcast “Midnight Snacks” for the past 12+ years, showcasing a variety of music from around the world, often with an emphasis on the best electronic music from Japan. In order to bridge the gap between the internet and the club, he’s been bringing his talents as a DJ to the real life stage.


2017 was a very busy year, celebrating his radio show’s 12th anniversary with a live show in NYC going b2b with Anamanaguchi’s own Knife City and ABSRDST headlining Colossalcon’s Thursday night rave, and several US shows with Bemani legend kors k.


No stranger to promoting in addition to DJing, he both organized and played FAKKU’s rooftop party for Anime Expo, Anime Weekend Atlanta’s brand new Friday night rave, and has recently joined the team of label Attack The Music, who are responsible for some of the best anime convention dances in the whole of America.


Along with DJ ☆ HYPE GIRL, they are the b2b duo of SNACK ATTACK and opened up for YUC’e at galaxxxy’s 10th anniversary party at Anime Expo and made their international debut in Kobe, Japan this past fall.
Previous highlights of 2016 include surprise b2b sets with the likes of Shawn Wasabi at Momocon and ☆Taku Takahashi at New York Comic Con’s GBX event.

It will be his first time attending Anime Los Angeles, and will be performing on his birthday, so he’s prepared to give it his all in celebration!



YUNA YUNA is a San Francisco Producer and DJ. His sounds feature club,house, trap, and breaks. His love for anime and electronic music shows in his live sets, where he often will remix anime music and electronic tunes with jpop to create a unique and fun live set.





Arsenic and Cyanide is a street brand that combines the quirky and sharp aesthetics of Japanese street fashion with anime themes. New glow in the dark options now available!


Egg Boys first released their apparel on February 2017. Their apparel mostly focuses on cute and aesthetic designs. In the future they want to continue to make more clothes, hats, and other apparel.




Mishanthrope is dark artist & illustrator that spawned & festers in San Diego, CA. Best known for using fine-line work and black ink, her illustrations’ explores themes of femininity, body horror, violence & flora. Mishanthrope’s continuum of work, which includes illustration and original apparel, is heavily inspired by horror manga master Junji Itoui, Art Nouveau & blackwork tattooers. She encourages you to explore the more undesirable aspects of our humanity and see the beauty in it. You can find her work in the upcoming Ghibli IV art show with Thumbprint Gallery & published in “Black Candies: Gross & Unlikeable” Literary Journal.



GG Apparel came onto the map on March 2015 and has since then grown to create stylistic streetwear and official merchandise for Sabakon, an anime, video game and pop culture convention based in Las Vegas, and KPop Battles, which has over two dozen active shows and over 6 seasons worth of shows all over the US.