January 10-13, 2019 Ontario, California

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Time to shine

Fashion Show

Fashion Show

Friday 2pm



Fashion Show Boutique

Friday, January 26  – 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Saturday January 27  –10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Sunday January 28  – 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM



Come join us as we showcase the designs of 8 different designers and brands at the Anime Los Angeles Fashion Show! The show will be held on Friday January 26th, 2018 at 2pm!


Model applications is for the ALA Fashion Show is officially open! Please CLICK HERE on how to apply!


Always wanted to walk the runway? Now’s your chance with the Cosplay Catwalk at the Anime Los Angeles Fashion Show!! Open to any Anime Los Angeles attendee with a completed Cosplay and valid badge.

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Can’t get enough of the Animé Los Angeles Fashion Show? Come meet the designers and buy the pieces from their collections straight off the runway at the Animé Los Angeles Fashion Show Boutique! Have the opportunity to chat with the designers and learn more about their collections and inspiration.

The Fashion Show Boutique will be located in the Artist Alley exhibit hall and will be open FridaySunday.

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Have any questions contact one of our event team members.

Headlining Designer


ACDC RAG is a fashion brand from world-famous Takeshita Street in Harajuku, Japan.

Its brand concept is “No Borders” and it encourages freedom of expression no matter age, gender, country, or rules. If you are looking for unique, eye-catching, and edgy clothing, look for further ACDC Rag.

        Rimma Doi

Rimma Doi is a Japanese fashion designer. He started off his career at age of 21 and drew a lot of attention through his “Rimma Doi Exhibition” in 2014 and 2015.  He has traveled all over the world and using  pop-up shops to bring awareness of his brand. He has attended various conventions and fairs and educated people about different Japanese street fashions and subcultures.

Participated Events, conventions and fairs:

2012: Hyper Japan (England)

2013: Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris (France)

2014: Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei (Taiwan), Rimma Doi Exhibition

2015: Rimma Doi Exhibition 2nd

2016: Dokomi (Germany), Japan Expo (Thailand)

2017: Tel Aviv Fashion show (Israel), Anime Expo (USA)

Featured Designers

   Darling Army

Darling Army is dedicated to making easy, cosplay alternatives for the cute enthusiast. Creator, owner, and one-woman-army Amanda not only designs every piece, but sews and constructs them, too. Well known as the original cosplay pinafore and kimono dress designer, the Darling Army has recently branched into childrens-wear in the side business Geeks In Training with her mother, Laurie. Today’s show features handpicked designs  that are ready for the streets and the masquerade stage alike. Girls don’t need to wear pants to cosplay their favorite shounen characters nor do they need to squish themselves into a tight bodysuit to be their favorite super heroine. The Darling Army wants you! Join the fight for cuteness today!

    Majesti Designs

Majesti Designs features fantasy inspired dresses from head designer Nikki. Majesti Designs gives a classic take on fairytale fashion with each gown carefully handcrafted and sewn. Specializing in wedding dresses to masquerade gowns, each creation is customized for anyone who wants to feel royal and majestic. With passion, and love from the runway to the aisle, each design is made to fulfill dreams and create smiles. Come join Majesti Designs on this journey to bring a little more magic into the world!

    Girl with One Eye

Girl with One Eye is a truly unique and whimsical brand that specializes in hand made, geek chic clothing. Kimberly, the one woman team behind the independent fashion brand, enjoys making clothing that speaks to the geeky and artistic types of the world .  Her creations are influenced by Harajuku style clothing, vintage styling, the Avant garde and pop culture.  She has been a featured artist in several fashion shows, spoken on panels about geek fashion and has also been a judge in a few masquerades.


RONOVA is a U.S. based fashion design house focused on creating pieces that reflect both a modern and vintage style. Influences include historical shape and flow from Rococo and Baroque periods, as well as current trends that can be found in Japan and Korea.

RONOVA’s clothing are not mass produced and are handmade with a particular emphasis on the quality of the materials that go into each piece. And after a year of quietly doing real world fitting and testing, RONOVA is pleased to open its doors to the public in 2017.

House Of Ryura Designs 

Damion Ryura became a fashion designer through his love for video games and anime. Started his career in his late 20’s Looking for more of a unique inspiration he found his way to San Diego where he started to network with cosplayers and Created to bridge the gap between cosplay and fashion (FashionXCosplay) To channel the true character of oneself Working with a dark but also rich flavorful array or colors and textures. Inspired by the outspoken mixed with traditional Japanese style and splash of goth he is looking to make his place in the fashion industry.

Special Guests

      Suzu Momoi

Suzu Momoi is a Japanese cosplayer, model, stage MC, and narrator from Hyogo, Japan. She is an exclusive cosplayer for fantasy weapon manufacturer TAKUMI ARMORY.

All costumes she wears are all hand-made. She recently started designing her original costumes, inspired by the original weapons produced by Takumi Armory.

Suzu is well-known as a representative of Kansai Region of World Cosplay Summit and finalist of the Sweets Personification Cosplay Contest in Ise.

Known for singing in cosplay stage performance, she is also an experienced sword fight performer and has done a various stage performances at many cosplay events.

Takumi Kougei

Takumi Kougei is a Japanese plastic processing company.

With its processing technology, Takumi Kougei has launched a new fantasy weapon brand, TAKUMIARMORY.

TAKUMIARMORY has been invited to various events in Japan as a guest and drawn media attenion.

Featured Designers


Taking its name from the traditional Japanese sweets, Wagashi is a love letter to Japanese fashion and kimono artisans. Wagashi originated as a school project combining kimono and “sweet” Harajuku styles in hopes of modernizing the kimono market and keeping the craft alive in the 21st century.

Designer Jordan Gormley is a 2016 FIDM Alumni with a particular focus in costuming and the Japanese fashion markets. She draws her style from the desire to bridge fantasy and reality, but also strives to preserve traditions and crafts that are at risk of being forgotten. All creations are handmade and one of a kind

Boba Bunny x Beyond the Boundary

Aiming for post-gender future of fashion aesthetic, where there are no barriers left for both genders, Beyond the Boundary pushes the boundaries of gendered fashion into gender free fashion. A unisex brand based in Los Angeles, its style is inspired by the American 80s Grunge Scene, and the Japanese Neo Street Fashion; resulting in a cutting edge look with an eccentric pop. Together with Boba Bunny, a co-brand of Beyond the Boundary, they present to you a combination of cute and edgy fashion at this year’s fashion show.  Its fashion show boutique will also carry items from Princess Dreaming, a himegyaru brand from the same designer.

Beyond the Boundary: www.btb.fashion   |  Boba Bunny: www.bobabunny.shop |

Princess Dreaming: www.princessdreaming.com

    Bunny Over the Moon

Bunny Over the Moon is inspired by Asian fashions and American culture.  This is for everyday wear for fun and events.  Our brand is meant to be worn, for fashion, for fun, and for people to express their identity.  Marissa “Celeste Orchid” Floro created this brand to showcase the small transition from cosplay to everyday streetwear.

Hair and Make-up Provided By


Volume 8 Elite Makeup Academy

Education that embraces art, passion and the courage to step out of your comfort zone!


Special Performances During the Cosplay Catwalk By



BLACK ROS3 is a California-based duo with a passion for anime, video games, and pop culture.  BLACK ROS3 music is packed with powerful covers, energetic instrumental pieces, and face-melting guitar solos.


Fashion Show Boutique

Come join us at the Anime Los Angeles Fashion Show Boutique after the show! Get the chance to meet the designers and special guests and buy the amazing designs from their collections straight off the runway! Have the opportunity to chat with the designers and learn more about their collections and inspiration. The Fashion Show Boutique is located in it’s own section inside the Artist Alley. Don’t miss out!