Jan 6-9, 2022, Long Beach Convention Center, CA

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Time to shine

Fashion Show



Featured DesignersDARLING ARMY
Darling Army is dedicated to making easy, cosplay alternatives for the cute enthusiast. Creator, owner, and one-woman-army Amanda not only designs every piece, but sews and constructs them, too. Well known as the original cosplay pinafore and kimono dress designer, the Darling Army has recently branched into children’s-wear in the side business Geeks In Training with her mother, Laurie. Today’s show features handpicked designs that are ready for the streets and the masquerade stage alike. Girls don’t need to wear pants to cosplay their favorite shounen characters nor do they need to squish them- selves into a tight bodysuit to be their favorite super heroine. The Darling Army wants you! Join the fight for cuteness today!







With a background in graphic design, the creator of Toshikigirl wanted to share her love for clean graphics and cheeky humor. From the beginning, her main source of inspiration was from Japanese Pop culture and fashion. What would happen if you put it all together? Toshikigirl! The goal of this brand is to create minimalistic apparel that is relatable, funny, and cute. It’s important to love what you wear AND look cute!

Starting off as a starving artist, living minimally to make ends meet, the creator earned her bachelors in Graphic Design, which further fueled her research, blood, sweat, and tears towards cute designs for the public.







RONOVA (rō-nō-vä) is an independent fashion design house focused on creating handmade styles inspired by the Rococo and Baroque period. We strive to create styles that reflect and combine our love for both the vintage and the modern with continued focus on quality (and in most cases, handmade) fabrics and materials.

We are absolutely thrilled to return to the ALA Fashion Show and are excited to show what we have been working on for the 2020 season!







What would anime be like IRL? Creators Guild brings you a unique clothing style that blurs the lines between the digital world and the ordinary. We aim to provide comfort, style, and a story behind each carefully developed garment.We do what we do, because you deserve nice things.








Kristin Costa creates couture costumes with low waste and sustainable methods. Inspired by fantasy, history, folklore and high fashion, her pieces have been featured in films, stage shows, and were recently seen at NY Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Each collection is a research project, and this season inspiration is being drawn from the Book of Revelation.














Thecommercialkid is a collection of designs by Heather Stevenson. These collections are based in theatrical storytelling, and often have some kind of narrative or theme created by the clothing or costumes presented. This season’s collection is based on the story “Red Dragon” by Thomas Harris, and the William Blake painting “The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed with the Sun”.







Damion Ryura became a fashion designer through his love for video games and anime.  Started his career in his late 20’s Looking for more of a unique inspiration he found his way to San Diego where he started to network with cosplayers FashionXCosplay bridging the gap between cosplay and fashion to ultimately create his own galaxy.
I welcome you to explore.












Made in LA. Inspired by stories.
VENIA : Ancient Latin for the English word Grace. Noun; elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action.
Los Angeles based design duo Eni and Nigma created VENIA, a multi-platform fashion label dedicated to pursuing grace through the science of dress. Drawing inspiration from architecture and engineering, the duo designs in the form of seasonal stories imprinted with deeply personal impressions about society and postmodern phenomena.
Modern technological luxury, effortless elegance, and intentional utility are three fundamental principles the brand is committed to portraying. Ethically made in the United States, all pieces are engineered and cut specifically to suit our wearer’s individual physical intricacies.

Our mission is to tell stories of the present, crafting each collection as the zeitgeist.






Special Performance by:

BLACK ROS3 is a California-based duo with a passion for anime, video games, and pop culture. BLACK ROS3 music is packed with powerful covers, energetic instrumental pieces, and face-melting guitar solos.








Education that embraces art, passion and the courage to step out of your comfort zone!

Hair by:


With over 50 years of experience, TONI&GUY is an international icon and leader in the hairdressing industry, setting new standards for hairdressers and making education available globally. TONI&GUY is renowned for providing clients with Italian finishing and English precision cutting personalized to fit everyone’s needs and lifestyle. Synonymous with luxury service, cutting edge techniques and fashion-conscious concepts TONI&GUY remains committed to artistic excellence.



Thursday 01/9: 12pm-7pm

Friday 01/10: 10am-6pm

Saturday 01/11: 10am-6pm

Sunday 01/12: 10am-5pm


Come join us at the Anime Los Angeles Fashion Show Boutique after the show! Get the chance to meet the designers and buy the amazing designs from their collections, straight off the runway! Here, you can chat with the designers and learn more about their collections and inspiration. The Fashion Show Boutique is located inside the Dealer’s Hall. Don’t miss out!