January 10-13, 2019 Ontario, California

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Galactic Gala

Formal Dance

Hello and Welcome to the Galactic Gala the Formal Dance held at Anime Los Angeles. The event will be hosted on January 26th, Friday evening, from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm in the Pavilion Courtyard at the Ontario Gateway Hotel (former Radisson). This is a Formal Event and as such has a dress code, formal attire will be required for the entire length of the event. There is no additional ticket or purchase required to attend the Galactic Gala, just your ALA 2018 badge (weekend or Friday/Day 2 access badge). No badge, non formal attire or a combination of both will mean you are not granted entrance into the dance.

There will be a bag check just inside the entrance, so if you need to bring a purse or bag and do not want to hold it for the duration of the event we can hold onto it for you and you will receive either a card or a tag in return matching the one put with your item. We do ask all props, especially large ones such as weapons and wings that extend past your shoulders, while lovely, be left in your rooms or cars for this event as we will not hold fragile belongings.

The Pavilion is an outside covered patio type structure, and as such we do advise dressing warm. Most of the window coverings will be dropped however we are unsure how cool the evening will be, how strong the winds will be etc. If you bring a jacket or coat and find yourself not in need of it you are welcome to make use of our bag check.

Dress Code
  • Formal Wear Required
  • Below is a breakdown of clothing types that are and are not allowed into the event with some explanation as needed.
  • Please refrain from wearing body paint to the event. We do not wish for anyone’s costumes/attire to be messed up accidentally by a bit of unsealed body paint/makeup. Face paint is okay but we would prefer arms be paint free please! Armsocks are ok in place of makeup.
  • NO BLOODY MAKEUP will be allowed.
  • We would prefer large props NOT be brought into the dance. Please leave things like large wings (past your shoulders), 3D maneuver gear, weapons, etc in your room/car. While we do have a bag check it is for small items such as bags or jackets, we will not be held responsible for any props or large costume pieces.
  • Formal cosplays/variants WILL be allowed. Examples are Wings of Color Alts for SNK (leave straps and gear in the hotel room please!), Winter Palace outfits from DA:I, Black Butler cosplay, etc. If you are unsure feel free to contact us and ask with either a photo or detailed description of your outfit.
  • There will be no slackening of the dress code for 2018. Formal attire is required for the full length of the event in order to gin entry.
  • SHOES are a MUST, bare feet or dance shoes (the ones that just cover the balls of your feet) are NOT permitted. If you must remove your heels to rest your feet please remain seated/off to the side. There is no barefoot dancing allowed on the dance floor.

  • TOPS: Button-up long sleeve shirts, blouses, dress jackets, evening jackets, suit jackets/blazers, shawls, etc.
  • BOTTOMS: dress pants, slacks, khakis, opaque (not see-through) skirts that are knee length or longer (this includes any slits or asymmetric hemlines).
  • DRESSES: Evening gowns, opaque (not see-though) dressses that are knee length or longer (this includes any slits or asymmetric hemlines).
  • ACCESSORIES: Ties, bowties, cravats, gloves, jewelry, formal hats (top hat, bowler hat, fancy lady hats, etc), masquerade/ball masks.
  • SHOES: dress shoes, dress boots, heels (shorter than 4 inches please), wedges, flats, ballroom dance shoes, character shoes, formal sandals (straps securing heel to ankle/foot)

  • TOPS: Button-up short sleeve shirts, t-shirts, graphic t-shirts, tank/muscle tops, tube or crop tops, ripped shirts, shirtless
  • BOTTOMS: see through skirts, skirts shorter than knee length, jeans, denim of any kind, shorts, short shorts, cut offs, ripped/tattered pants, leggings (stand alone, allowed only under dress/skirt meeting dress code), athletic pants, sweat pants, “basketball”/gym shorts.
  • DRESSES: Transparent dresses without any form of slip, dresses that are shorter than knee length.
  • ACCESSORIES: weapons, props, halloween masks, large wings.
  • SHOES: shoes with large visible logos, sneakers, tennis shoes, sandals, flip flops, crocs, bare feet, knit or ugg boots, heels taller than 4 inches (safety concern).

Royal Court
The Royal Court is a small costume type contest hosted by the staff and volunteers of Anime Los Angeles’ Formal Dance.
  • Court sign up begins when the gala opens (7:00 pm) and continue for an hour (8:00 pm) OR until we run out of forms. Announcements will be made to help count down and remind guests of the deadline.
  • All entrants MUST be in formal attire in order to enter the royal court, either regular formal attire or a more formal cosplay (ex: black butler, or military dress SnK, etc) which you should be in since it is required to enter the dance. Follwing the theme of the convention or the dance is not required to participate in the Royal Court contest.
  • The Royal Court will be comprised of a King and Queen, a Prince and Princess and a Duke and Duchess, in addition to a few non court related titles and prizes the staff have thought up that will only be announced at the event.
  • You may enter as a pair if you have a partner however please note there is still a possibility of only one of you receiving an award.
  • After all forms have been gathered (approximately 8:30 pm) we will halt the music temporarily and announce all contestant names to come up and take a bow so judges may see your attire.
  • At approximately 9:00 pm we will halt the music again to announce the Royal Court and extra prizes. After announcements of the winners we will clear the floor for a Royal Court dance, and then invite the rest of our guests to join us in the remaining time until we start to wrap up the event at 10:00 pm.
  • All entrants are asked to please stick around the event until after Royal Court announcements have been made. If you will be retiring early please see the sign-up staff in order to have your form removed.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE #1: Winners of the King, Queen, Prince and Princess categories will be awarded a crown on stage in addition to a sash (Duke and Duchess will also receive a sash). The sashes are for the winners to keep however the crowns are not. You will be permitted to wear it for the remainder of the evening but we ask that you return the crown to sign up staff/ bag check staff prior to retiring for the evening. We will be taking pictures of the winners in their crowns and sashes after the Royal Court Dance and will e-mail them out.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE #2: Royal Court titles will be determined based off the entrants presentation. Masculine presenting entrants will be named King/Prince/Duke and feminine presenting entrants will be named Queen/Princess/Duchess. If you have a preference for your title (ex: you identify as female but are presenting masculine and would still like to be refereed to by she/her/feminine titles) please feel free to note it on your form in a visible location not obscuring any of the form/details. If you are a non-binary/gender-fluid/etc individual who is not comfortable with binary pronouns please note that as well and we will simply announce you as “Their Grace/Highness”. We would like all of our guests to feel comfortable, unpressured and know we will respect your gender/pronouns but we do ask that all entrants do note that the winners will be receiving awards stating the title of position won (ie: King/Queen) as they are printed/made before the event.


• King + Queen: sash, [TBA]
• Prince + Princess: sash, [TBA]
• Duke + Duchess: sash, [TBA]