Help Wanted

Parents/Quiet Lounge:

Volunteers needed to work in our Parents/Quiet lounge.
Maintaining a quiet and restful atmosphere in the room.
Keeping the room clean.

Room supervisor position is also available.

If you are interested in either of these positions, please contact Special Programming at:



The Publications department is looking for as many hands as are available to assist with sign setup on Wednesday and takedown on Sunday. For setup, we need people to assemble the signs and set them out in their locations around the convention center, and for takedown, to bring them back in again. It’s really easy stuff, but the more people we have to move things around, the faster it’ll go. If you need to add a few volunteer hours onto your schedule and want to get a free ribbon, we’d love to have you!

We could also use a couple of people to help with on-site signage requests during the convention, which basically consists of picking up signs that have been requested by various departments and getting them where they need to be. If you can roll tape and hang a sign straight, we have a job for you.

Please contact us at if you’re interested!


ALA Merchandise Department:

The ALA Merchandise Department is looking for staff to help run our Animé LA Official Merchandise booth! You’d be tasked with helping sell pins, buttons, shirts, and more! Sales experience is a plus! We are looking for full time staff if possible but we will gladly accept part time volunteers as well.

Please email for more details!


Attendee Services:


Attendee Services is responsible for providing directional and detailed information to the people attending the Animé Los Angeles convention. In addition, they offer guidance to those attending who may need a little specialized care. Lastly, the Attendee Services desk coordinates the Volunteers who wish to learn more about the convention from the standpoint of working for short periods of time in various departments.


Would you be interested in staffing for such a department? You will often be the first contact after registration, and those first meetings are critical for a positive experience for our attendees! Prior experience with information dissemination is not required, but would be a plus. We will train!
If interested, please contact Julia Ree