Itasha Showcase

Do you enjoy Anime and Street Import Cars?

This year, Animé Los Angeles is proud to announce the new Itasha Showcase at the Long Beach Convention Center! Located in the Entertainment Hall, we will be hosting approximately 16 of the hottest Itasha deco-cars featuring your favorite fast and furious waifus!

  • Take a photo with your favorite Anime Deco car
  • Ask and learn about the application, design, and execution of vinyl wraps
  • See unique styling, modifications, and performance upgrades for almost every make and model car!

Itasha Showcase at Animé Los Angeles 17!

Back of Hall B


Bimyou Workshop is a Los Angeles based Itasha design, application, and finishing company. Bimyou Workshop also sells stickers, jet tags, and apparel from your most favorite Anime shows.


Senpai Squad is a Houston based Itasha culture company with stickers and apparel. Senpai Squad is also known for hosting parties and events throughout the United States.

📍 Entertainment Hall Location TBD

Simply enter through the lower staircase from the escalators, take the right doorway, and walk to the rear! The Entertainment Hall is next to the Exhibit Hall.

Arcane Maid Cafe: will be located in the north side of the entertainment hall.

Community Stage: Located at the far west side.


Click the map to see a larger version!

Apply to showcase your Itasha!

Submit your full or half-wrap Itasha and make sure to remember the following rules:

1. Do not violate any Federal, State, City, or Convention laws, rules, or policies. Your car must be street legal to be eligible.
2. Do not produce excessive noise from your vehicle: Engine revving, loud acceleration, exhibition of speeding, are all prohibited!
3. Your vehicle’s battery must be disconnected and cable safety tied when showing inside the exhibit hall. A technician will be present to review your vehicle, and you must show and demonstrate that your vehicle has been secured.
4. Your vehicle must have less than a 1/4 tank of fuel, and the gauge must be properly working. A technician will be present to review your vehicle, and you must show and demonstrate that your vehicle has been secured.
5. All 18+ content on the vehicle must be securely covered. A towel or cloth covering is not considered secured. Temporarily vinyl wrap or gaffer taped sections is considered secured.
6. We do not accept any Itasha vehicle that infringes on intellectual property rights.
7. You may not sell merchandise or promote inside, outside, or near your vehicle.

This form does not guarantee sponsorships, approval, employment, partnerships, or collaboration. Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you will be sent a follow-up email confirming your attendance, and details about the show.