January 10-13, 2019 Ontario, California

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We have reached our entry cap and are no longer accepting applications. As we are full, there will be NO ON-SITE REGISTRATION for Masquerade this year.
See you at the show!



2018 Masquerade Winners (click here)

What is the Masquerade? Imagine a mix between a cosplay gathering with plot and a fashion show, and you’ve got the basic idea. Dozens of groups put together costumes and skits, some planning for months beforehand, and get up on stage to strut their stuff or put on a show. From funny to dramatic, the newest shows to old favorites, our contestants cover the whole spectrum.

Come be entertained, and please stay till the end to cheer for the winners! The Masquerade is scheduled to start on Saturday at 7 PM on the Main Stage, with seating beginning as close to 6:30 PM as possible. Please check the signs to see where the Masquerade line will be routed. Whether you’re on stage or watching from the audience, this year’s show is going to be a blast. We hope to see you at the Animé Los Angeles Masquerade!


The ALA 2019 Masquerade Official Rules are now available! (CLICK HERE) Please read and review them, as many of our rules have changed for this coming year.

Masquerade Entry Applications will open on October 15th. Please check this web-page for a link to the form. An application does not guarantee you a spot in our show; please review the rules for further information.

Important dates to remember:

Applications open October 15, and will be accepted until November 15th, or until 60 application entries are submitted, whichever comes first. To feature as many cosplayers as possible, we have opened an additional 20 entry slots this year. We are moving to an online-only format and unfortunately will not be accepting wait list or on-site entries. We suggest entrants apply as early as possible to ensure their place in our show!

While we ONLY require contestant information to reserve a place in our show, please be aware that the following will be required no later than December 15, 2018:

At least two (2) progress pictures of each costume being entered
An approved audio file
Entry Introduction (what you would like announced at the start of your entry)
Tech preferences (lighting requests, audio notes, etc)