Information on ALA 17 in development. Below is information from ALA 16 in 2020.


Battle of the Bands is returning to Anime Los Angeles 2020! It’s your time to shine and rock out on the Main Stage this year! This musical battle of the year will be held on Sunday, January 12th, 2020 on the Main Stage (Exhibit Hall B- Ontario Convention Center) from 12:00 pm-3:00 pm


Jason Charles Miller

Samuel Khosravi

Rayko Dig

As this is a battle of bands, the following performance types will not be accepted (and are encouraged to apply for ALA’s Next Top Star instead)

Solo Acts

Idol Groups


**Instrumental Rock Bands may apply for BotB 2020!

Performance Guidelines:

Contestants will be given a 30 min performance block. Bands may perform whatever songs they like, however, there must be at least 1 original song.

At the time you apply, you will only need to provide 2 of your song choices (your original song must be included)

(please note that you will also have to provide audio or video links of past performances for reference)

Your set should not contain/promote the following:

vulgarities, profanities, lewd comments, racist remarks, violence, sexual content, hate speech, etc.

Alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, firearms/weapons, or any message that may promote a political agenda

The following will not be permitted on stage/backstage:

*No live animals are allowed on stage or in the backstage area except for trained service animals.

*No materials or effects that will leave a mess on stage are allowed (this includes glitter, confetti, streamers, silly string, fake blood, etc.).

*No pyrotechnics or any other sorts of open flame are allowed

The winning band will be chosen from a three-judge panel- judges will critique the performance and provide feedback with recommendations. Audience participation will factor into the decision.

The winning band will perform for Anime Los Angeles Closing Ceremonies (to be held on Sunday, January 12th, on the Main Stage, starting at 4:30pm)

The winning band will receive the following:

Exclusive ALA 2020 BoTB Trophy

2021 Guest Contract with the following terms: (please note, the appearance will be issued at ALA 2021)

*$500 appearance fee

*Hotel accommodations for duration of the event

*complimentary badges for band/crew members and plus 1 badges for friends/family

* 2 performances (or 1 panel/1 performance), 1 autograph session, and judging BotB 2021 will be included in the terms of the 2021 contract)

Additional prizes will be determined onsite

Anime Los Angeles will not be responsible for injury or damage or theft of personal property.

A short script must be provided so the emcee of the competition can introduce your band (no more than 1-2 paragraphs)

Judging/Scoring Criteria

The maximum number of points any band can be awarded is 50, based on the following categories:

Technical Proficiency & Musicality: Accomplishment/expertise in music, quality of song, contraction, expressiveness, blend, balance of instruments, and overall musical performance. 1-10 points

Performance & Stage Presence: Confidence, stage presence, response/rapport to crowd, did you enjoy performing and rock out with audience? 1-10 points

Creativity & Appearance: Originality of the music and performance, did you make the music your own? Did you look the part? What creative and unique elements did you incorporate into your performance? 1-10 points

Audience Appeal: Did the audience like the music and your performance? After all, the crowd is the key!!! A larger/louder response = more points earned! 1-20 points


The main stage will have a standard set-up including Projector, Screen, Sound System, and Mics., Laptop connections will be available for standard connections. You must provide your own instruments, amplifiers, and cables.

We do NOT have laptops available for use. You must provide your own.

There will be NO options for last minute or on-site additions. If you have ANY special tech requests beyond what is noted above, you MUST contact us in advance of the convention to determine if we will be able to meet your needs. Please note that the answer may be ‘no’, but if we do not hear about it in advance then we will not be able to accommodate any last minute or on-site requests. This INCLUDES cables, special attachments, batteries, Johnson rods, etc.


If your entry is accepted, you and your band will need to check in backstage @ 9:00am for tech rehearsal and sound check. If you are not present for check in, you may be dropped from the contest at the discretion of the Live Music Department Head


If your performance is accepted, you will be eligible for complimentary full weekend badges for all participating members and stage crew that are listed on the original application (anyone not listed on the application will not be eligible for complimentary badges)

If you have already purchased or otherwise obtained your badges for Animé Los Angeles 16, you will not receive an additional badges. If you are Staff or are getting your badges for free (pass-on, prize, etc.) you will not receive an additional badges.

No transfers, roll-overs, pass-ons, or refunds will be given. Animé Los Angeles is a volunteer-run convention sponsored by the Institute for Specialized Literature Inc., an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We thank you for your support.


Parking is NOT covered as part of your programming item. You are responsible for ALL parking charges while attending Animé Los Angeles 16. If you are staying at one of our hotels, parking is free. If you are coming in for the day and will be parking at the Convention Center, parking is $7/per day.


Submission Deadline is December 15th, 2019

To apply to compete, please click our Submission Form link below.

You will be notified before January 1st, 2020 if your entry has been accepted or declined. Not all entries will be approved- only 6 entries will be accepted, with a wait list of 3 bands. If there are any dropouts, those bands on the wai list will be offered a slot before the start of the convention.

For any Questions, please contact: and cc