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Room 104C
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Animé Los Angeles Entertainment Lounge!

Animé Los Angeles Entertainment Lounge Performer Application Guidelines

The Entertainment lounge is for performers of all types. If you’d like the chance to show us what you’ve got, make sure to fill out an application to perform.

Performance Types

18+ (think- Burlesque, Drag, anything ‘risque’)


If your performance is accepted, you will be eligible for complimentary badges for all participating members and stage crew (for large group ensembles, please email lounge@animelosangeles.org and cc entertainment@animelosangeles.org with any special requests)

If your group has over 4 performers, you must email a list of all additional members to lounge@animelosangeles.org and entertainment@animelosangeles.org at the time of your submission.  Please include the following information for each member- First Name, Last Name, Badge Name, Email Address

As a courtesy, Complimentary badges are valid for the full event

If you have already purchased or otherwise obtained your badges for Animé Los Angeles 18, you will not receive an additional badges. If you are Staff or are getting your badges for free (pass-on, prize, etc.) you will not receive an additional badges.

No transfers, roll-overs, pass-ons, or refunds will be given. Animé Los Angeles is a volunteer-run convention. We thank you for your support.


Parking is NOT covered as part of your programming item. You are responsible for ALL parking charges while attending Animé Los Angeles 18. If you are staying at one of our hotels, please make sure to check the parking rate . If you are coming in for the day check local area parking rates. Parking at the Convention Center, parking is $15/per day but will fill up fast so plan on at least one alternative.

Time Slots:

Typical performance time slots are an hour . There will be a 30-45 minute break between each performance for transition/tear-down/set-up of next item.

You may request more than 60 minutes, but please be advised that we anticipate a LARGE number of performance requests. In order to accommodate as many as possible, and to ensure an even variety, we may need to limit performance requests over one hour.

There is a limited amount of performance slots. Note ALL TIMES are approximate and subject to change. Please be advised that if you select a time block option, you may in fact get scheduled for that time.

Performance Location:

Long Beach Convention Center, Room 104C


The Entertainment Lounge  will have a standard set-up including Projector, Screen, Sound System,  and Mics . Laptop connections will be available for standard connections. If you have anything special, you will need to consult with Tech Dept. before your programming item. Please check in with Programming Ops for any tech questions AT LEAST 2 hours before your programming item.

We do NOT have laptops available for use. You must provide your own.

There will be NO options for last minute or on-site additions. If you have ANY special tech requests beyond what is noted above, you MUST contact us in advance of the convention to determine if we will be able to meet your needs. Please note that the answer may be ‘no’, but if we do not hear about it in advance then we will not be able to accommodate any last minute or on-site requests. This INCLUDES cables, special attachments, batteries, Johnson rods, etc.

Picking up your badge:

Important notice for all participants of the ALA Entertainment Lounge:

If you are performing at the entertainment lounge, you must arrive before 7:00 PM on the day of your performance to pick up your badge at registration. We highly recommend picking up your badge a day before, as convention security will not allow anyone in the building without a badge.


If your performance request is approved you will be asked to check in at the Entertainment lounge at least 45 minutes before your performance, so we can confirm everything is set correctly.

Information printed in Program Book, Pocket Guide, website, and other areas:

Please note that information provided such as names, bios, and other information submitted in the programming application may be printed in the program guide/website/etc.


Submission Deadline is October 15th, 2022

To apply to perform,  please click our Submission Form link here.

You will be notified by the end of October  if your performance request has been approved or denied. Not all requests will be approved.

For any  Questions, please contact: lounge@animelosangeles.org  and cc entertainment@animelosangeles.org

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Animé Los Angeles 18

Anime Los Angeles 18 will be held on January 5 – 8th, 2023 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, CA.