Jan 6-9, 2022, Long Beach Convention Center, CA

Artists, Dealers, Fans & Swap Meet


Swap Meet

An Official Anime Los Angeles event!

Accumulated too much merchandise? Give your collection of anime, manga, anime/lolita clothing, cosplay, dvd/vhs or laser disc a chance at a new home! Back by popular demand, Animé Los Angeles will be hosting Swap Meet.

Swap Meet:
Thursday and Friday nights (January 9th and 10th) –
8:00 PM to Midnight each night
Lake Arrowhead room – Doubletree Hotel
Tables are $25 per table per night

SOLD OUT for 2020

In the unlikely event of any no-shows, remaining tables can but purchased each night ($25/table/night – cash only). Please note there is no guarantee of any additional availability at-con.

Swap meet guidelines


Seller: Primary Dealer in Swap Meet

Event: Swap Meet

ALA: Animé Los Angeles

Members: Any person who has valid ALA badge

ALA Representative: Any persons authorized to act on behalf of Animé Los Angeles, including, but not limited to, Swap Meet management, Animé Los Angeles staff, and volunteers.


Event Sponsor: Anime Los Angeles 16

Event Date: January 9th and 10th

Event Location: DoubleTree Ontario Airport Hotel

Event Hours:

Check-in/Setup:          7 pm-8 pm*

Open to public:           8 pm-Midnight*

Pricing:  $25 (per table; per night) – DOES NOT INCLUDE TICKET (BADGE)

  1. Swap Meet Seller Space
  2. Swap Meet Seller Space, hereafter Seller Space, is only available and provided for ALA attendees. Sellers without a valid ALA badge will not be allowed into swap meet.
  3. Items Provided to seller by Animé Los Angeles:

One 6’ x 1.5’ table

Two chairs

Seller is allowed to configure its Seller Space, provided that the provided items, such as tables and chairs, does not extend and intrude entrances or exits, or pathways, or violate any other applicable provision of this guideline. Sellers are prohibited from hanging products anywhere. Assistance to the seller is permitted, with valid membership.

  1. Swap Meet Seller’s Location:

Exact location of Seller’s Space inside the Swap Meet Room will be predetermined by ALA Swap Meet Staff.  Animé Los Angeles will attempt to accommodate each Seller’s request for location.  ALA Representative reserves the right to make modifications to the Seller’s space assignment as necessary.

  1. Seller’s spaces are non-transferable; Seller may not willingly give their table away. Seller Spaces are non-refundable for any reason.
  2. Sellers that do not check into, or are not in line to check into, their seller’s space by 6:45 PM during check in will forfeit their table space. During check-in, ALA Representative will asked seller to provide government-issued proof of being over the age of 18.
  3. Seller’s Responsibilities: Seller will keep its Sellers Space clean and is responsible for any damage to its Sellers Space.
  1. Seller Allowance
  2. Seller may have assistants for their booths during setup and during the event. All assistants to sellers must have a valid badge for ALA 2020.
  3. Staff is allowed to sell. They must provide information of their department upon check-in.
  4. Music at low levels is permitted provided it does not disturb other sellers and does not add to the overall dynamic of the room.

  1. Seller Restriction
  2. Every seller and assistant must have a valid badge to Animé Los Angeles 16.
  3. Seller must be over the age of 18 at the time of the event. During check-in, ALA Representative will asked seller to provide government-issued proof of age.
  4. Sellers that do not check into their seller’s space in a timely manner forfeit their table space. Please review Seller Space part E for more information.
  5. Sellers must have all items during check-in and setup process. You will not be permitted to bring in additional goods once the event has begun.
  6. Adult-themed works that include nudity, adult situations, profanity, drugs, alcohol use, and or violence, must be kept out of sight of minors. The Adult-themed works may be kept under the table until requested by adults (18+). Any sale of such items from adults will require a verified government-issued photo ID at the time of purchase. The sale of Adult-themed works to minors is strictly prohibited.
  7. Taping or pinning items to the wall is strictly prohibited.
  8. Sellers may not display or sell any unlicensed merchandise, also known as Unlicensed, bootleg, or counterfeit goods are strictly prohibited (e.g. SM, Everanime, Aliors, Elfin, fansubs, etc). Sale or display of unlicensed merchandise is subject to a cease and desist warning. Failure to comply is subject to expulsion and Dealer will forfeit their costs for the Seller’s Space.
  9. Art commissions and the sale of personally created items at Swap Meet are prohibited (limited quantities of doujinshi and cosplay items excepted).
  10. The sale of all real weapons and explosives are prohibited. This includes but not limited to all projectile weapons (such as airsoft or bb/pellet guns, bows, crossbows, and firearms), live steel, metal/wooden baseball bats, metal kunai, incendiary devices, lasers, laser pointers, paddles, whips, floggers, brass knuckles, butterfly knives, concealed blades, throwing stars, tonfa, saps, clubs, nunchaku, sai, tessen, jitte, and metal or glass props.
  1. Seller’s Code of Conduct
  2. Any behavior not approved by the ALA Representative will first receive one verbal warning. Further warnings will result in forfeiture of table and cost.
  3. Any complaints and/or disputes between Seller (and / or staff) will be investigated by staff in a timely matter.
  4. Seller MUST comply with convention policy as well as city and state laws. Any violation of the above may result in expulsion of the Event Space.
  5. Swap Meet staff has the final say on all goods permitted, and all items will be searched by Swap Meet staff before they are allowed into the Swap Meet
  6. Any questions regarding the interpretation of the rules above are subject to discretion of ALA Representative
  7. Anyone caught breaking the rules or causing problems for the staff, attendees, or other Swap Meet participants will be removed from the Swap Meet
  8. Animé Los Angeles reserves the right to remove from the convention any Seller at our sole discretion.


* – subject to change