Phoebe Chan

Updated Nov 6, 2022 @ 6:22 pm

Get ready to sing, dance, and smile with 2.5D fairytale idol, Phoebe! Phoebe (also known by her screen name “Feebeechanchibi”) is a California-based singer, voice actress, and VTuber dedicated to making people smile and enchanting them on stage with her heartwarming timbre and fairy-like vocals. She loves singing and writing her own original songs in Japanese and English, and performing on both the IRL and virtual stage. A professional singer and voice actress, you can hear her voice in games such as Luminous Avenger iX 2, NOISZ STΔRLIVHT, Wildfire: Ticket to Rock, and many more upcoming projects! Phoebe streams primarily family friendly indie games, singing, crafts, and ASMR on her Twitch channel (@feebee).

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