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Interactive Programming Room, Room 103C – 1st floor of the LBCC

General Open Mic Description 
Welcome one and all! Come join us for Karaoke in the evenings for exciting performances by your fellow con goers and test your vocal prowess in the mini contests! Our hosts are thrilled to have you, so make sure to stay a while!

Open Mic Karaoke Sessions:

Thursday, January 6th:  9:00pm-12:00am

Friday, January 7th: 9:00pm-1:00am

Saturday, January 8th: 9:00pm-1:00am

Sunday, January 9th: 2:00pm-4:00pm

Special Guest Event- Saturday, January 7th- 7:15pm-8:45pm- Voice Actor Karaoke Takeover, hosted by Adventures in Voice Acting

Adventures in Voice Acting and some of ALA’s very own Voice Actor guests are taking over the Karaoke room- so come see them sing some of their favorite tunes

Karaoke Lessons
Thursday, January 6th – 6pm-7pm- Karaoke Essentials Workshop: History and Getting Started
This workshop will guide you through all the essentials you need to get started on your Karaoke Journey. History, Venues, song selections, and how to even set up Karaoke in your own home! We’ll have you serenading with spirit, rapping with resolution, and crooning with courage in no time!
Friday, January 7th-  6pm-7pm Karaoke Vocal Workshop: Vocal Training for Karaoke Lovers
In this interactive workshop, we will explore some super easy and fun vocal techniques you can use for Karaoke. This will go through Vocal Ranges, Warm-ups, Breath Control, Posture, and so much more. Think of it as Yoga for your voice !!

Mini Karaoke Contest

The Mini Karaoke contest returns!!! Contestants are invited to compete over the course of 3 days- the top 3 contestants from each round will be invited back to the finals on Sunday to compete for the title of the best- and for fun prizes!

The mini karaoke contest will take place in the Interactive Program Room (Room 103C) , located on the first floor of the Long Beach Convention Center

Preliminary Rounds:

Thursday, January 6th:  7:15pm-8:45pm

Friday, January 7th: 7:15pm-8:45pm

Saturday, January 8th: 5:30pm-7:00pm


Sunday, January 9th: 1:00pm-2:00pm

Mini Karaoke Contest Rules

You wanna join the Karaoke Contest? Make sure you read the rules ahead of time

  1. Contestants must be attendees of Anime Los Angeles 2022.  Staff and volunteers are eligible to compete so long as they are not part of the Karaoke staff. There is room for up to 12 contestants per round

  2. The contest will take place in three rounds,  with the 3 highest scorers of each round moving to the final round. Following the finals, , the karaoke team will deliberate and prizes will be awarded at the end of the finals

  3. Contestants must be present to receive their prize

  4. As this is a mini karaoke contest, there will only be one mic available.

  5. Contestants may participate as a Single Entry (one person).

  6. Contestants are welcome to participate in as many rounds as they like if they do not make it into the top 3 at any point.

  7. Contestants are asked to prepare a different song for each round. Songs must be performed with a backing track from Anime Los Angeles’ Karaoke Room catalog

  8. Time limits for songs are as follows:

    • Preliminary Round –5:00

    • Final Round – 5:00

  9. If a song exceeds these time limits, the music will be faded out and the performance cut, contestants are allowed 10 seconds of time over the time limit before the music will be faded out completely. If the contestant would like the karaoke staff to fade the song out at a designated time, they should indicate this once the staff has possession of the song.

  10. Contestants may sign up at any Karaoke Open Mic session during the convention.

  11. At the time of signup contestants MUST provide their desired two songs from ALA’s Catalog of songs.

  12. Contestants may sing songs from the following sources: anime, foreign animation, video games, or Japanese culture. American Pop and Rock music will also be permitted. Contestants must use the official lyrics to the song—performing original lyrics or translations is not allowed. English or other non-Japanese songs from the dubbed version of an anime series or video games is acceptable.

  13. During the performance, the contestant will be the only one onstage.

  14. Contestants are not allowed to leave the stage or stage area during their performance—this includes singing or performing within the audience. This is for the sake of the equipment and everyone’s ears, so please keep this rule in mind.

  15. Karaoke staff will determine the order in which each contestant competes. Staff will make every attempt to honor requests from contestants as to when they perform in the contest, but there are no guarantees these requests can be granted. Please keep in mind your turn may come up sooner if another contestant does not show.

  16. Decisions of the judges are final. Any contestant who attempts to argue with the judges or staff may be disqualified from the competition.

  17. All performances must be family friendly and rated PG or less. Karaoke staff reserve the right to stop a performance and disqualify an entrant if they feel the act has become inappropriate.

  18. All contestants must check in at the Karaoke Contest 30 minutes prior to event start time.

  19. At check-in time contestants will receive their contestant numbers. Any contestants who have not checked in by 15 minutes prior will be eliminated and a contestant from the waiting list will be selected to compete instead.

  20. Scoring — Contestants will be scored on the following criteria:

    • Vocal Performance 1-15 points — Contestants will be rated on their vocal performance and ability, including pitch, phrasing, vibrato, rhythm, and tone.

    • Stage Performance 1-10 points — Contestants will be rated on their stage presence and presentation, including confidence, movement/dancing, appearance, and command of audience.

  21. The Top 2 scorers from each round will advance to the final round on Sunday, January 9th. Additional prizes may be awarded depending on scores and/or availability of prizes.