Updated Oct 2, 2023 @ 11:55 am

Animé Los Angeles 19 Masquerade presented by First Stop Cosplay

The Animé Los Angeles Masquerade is a cosplay craftsmanship and performance contest where cosplayers of all ages and skill levels show off incredible costumes and put on a show for the chance to win awards recognizing their prowess, not to mention fabulous prizes! Dozens of groups put together costumes and skits, some planning for months beforehand, to get up on stage to entertain the audience. From funny to dramatic, the newest shows to old favorites, our contestants cover the whole spectrum.

Come for our wonderful contestants, then stay for performances from special guests, before the judges announce this year’s winners!

The Masquerade is scheduled to start on Saturday at 7 PM in the Long Beach Terrace Theater. The theater opens at 5 PM, with seating beginning at 6:30 PM. Tickets are required for admission to the Terrace Theater, and will be distributed for free to attendees who possess a Full or Saturday badge. More information on ticket distribution will be announced in the near future.


Whether you’re on stage or watching from the audience, this year’s show is going to be a blast. We hope to see you at the Anime Los Angeles Masquerade!




Thank you for your interest in the ALA Masquerade, presented by First Stop Cosplay. Unfortunately, our wait list is now full, and we will not be able to accommodate any further entries this year. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we hope to see you at our show!

Still interested in getting involved in Masquerade? We’re looking for a few extra hands to help run our show behind the scenes at the con. If you’re interested in helping out, please fill out our interest form here.

Please direct any questions to the Coordinator at

CLICK HERE to review the ALA 19 Masquerade Official Rules.