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A photo of the Ribbon Station's Ribbon Finder board.

The Ribbon Finder board. A bulletin board for attendees to share info about ribbons that others can acquire!

Ribbon Station Services

Our goal is to enhance your ALA ribbon experience. We offer several free and paid services, as well as general advice in order to achieve this goal.

Ribbon Exclusives

Over 70 exclusive ribbons available through donations and activities! See one of our staff for opportunities in earning ribbons.

Ribbon Wonder Trade

Drop off a ribbon to get a completely random ribbon in exchange! Wonder Trade may take up to a few hours to find you a trading partner, so continue your ribbon hunt while you wait. Just don’t forget to come back for your new ribbon!


The Ribbon station Plinko Board. A game that attendees can play to win ribbons.

The Ribbon station Plinko Board. A game that attendees can play to win ribbons.

Ribbon Trading

If you like trading ribbons, a designated trading space will be provided at the Ribbon Station throughout the weekend. You may even get an exclusive ribbon or two!

Ribbon Games

Are you struggling to find ribbons? Fear not! Try our Gachapon, Plinko board, or Prize Wheel and get random ribbons. Donations to the games will be rewarded with special ribbons in exchange.

Ribbon Repair

Never fear rain or gravity again! We offer ribbon repair and sewing services that prevent your ribbons from falling off your ever-growing chain, and help you put them back together if they do.

Ribbon Packs

Didn’t bring your own ribbons to the show? Look no further than the Ribbon Station! For a limited time, you can purchase a pack of one of our Ribbon Station exclusive designs. Available while supplies last.


The Ribbon Station during open hours at Animé LA

Attendees interacting with the Ribbon Station at ALA

Custom Ribbon Making

Are you looking for a more personalized ribbon than what our pre-made packs have to offer? We can help! Come through and ask us about on-the-spot ribbon making by one of our experienced staff. More info found here!

Ribbon Advice

The Ribbon Station workers are experienced ribbon hunters. Feel free to ask any ribbon questions you may have, we will do our best to answer and send you in the right direction!


More Ribbons!

With over 70 exclusive ribbons available through donations and activities, you never know what you’ll find at the Ribbon Station! Stop by throughout the weekend to discover the possibilities of our daily attractions and events, and see one of our staff for opportunities in earning ribbons.

Quality and Content Requirements for Ribbon Station Activities

Animé Los Angeles aims to provide a family-friendly and inclusive space for all of our attendees and staff. As such, the Ribbon Station will not accept the donation of any ribbons that do not meet the following Content & Quality standards.

We thank you for your understanding and hope you enjoy the many activities at the Ribbon Station!


Quality Requirements:

  • Must be standard width(4″). Length can vary.
  • Must have full front adhesive/tape.
  • Must be a vendor produced ribbon or vendor quality.*

Content Restrictions:

  • No alcohol or other indecent acts
  • No references to violence or self harm
  • No offensive content(race, gender, sex, religion, political, etc.)
  • No hard curse words
  • No promotional ribbons**
*Homemade ribbons using store bought materials are no longer accepted.

**Promotional ribbons include, but are not limited to: social handles and/or events. 

In the interest of Animé Los Angeles attendees, homemade and/or promotional ribbons will not be included in any of our paid activities, and are not eligible for donation tier rewards or participation in our Wonder Trade.

If you are unsure if your ribbon falls under our guidelines, contact us at [email protected] or ask one of our Ribbon Station workers during the event!



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