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Updated Apr 22, 2024 @ 10:30 am

Experience a wide array of live programming during your time at Animé Los Angeles!

Please stay tuned for information on Submission Forms for panels, workshops, and performing. Follow us on X, Instagram, Facebook or join our Discord for live updates!


Programing Badge Pickup Guidelines:

Programming Badge pick-up will be at the Programming Registration table in Main Registration (room 101AB) 

There will be signs designating where the Programming Registration table- please make sure to proceed there, and not general registration.



Animé Los Angeles 20 Workshop and Demo Application Guidelines

Restricted Programming – for the sake of the safety of our fellow attendees and to ensure the utmost quality of our programming, the following submissions will NOT be considered:

  • Versus Panels (i.e. Goku vs Superman etc)

  • Programming applications with low effort/multiple

  • Programming not related to anime or Japanese culture or resulting western con culture

  • Programming that insults or bullies members of the community

Note that potentially triggering or offensive material that still otherwise falls within our convention guidelines (e.g. horror panels) and is deemed to be high quality and valuable to the community may potentially still be approved, but must be marked as an 18+ event and as such is subject to the small number of slots we have available.

Program Types – Below is a description of each form of programming participation:

Panel – Discussion type programming. Theater style seating with riser/head table.

Workshop – Similar to a Panel except has a highlight on participation of audience and has a classroom set up.  Workshops require that you provide material/tools as needed.

Demo – Combined application with workshops. On Sunday, LP2 will be open floorplan for any interested in holding demos that require an open environment. Seating will be on the perimeter.
Please mention on your application if you are interested in this space as slots are highly limited.

Please note that any 18+ programming must be scheduled after 10PM and will require the room to be cleared after the previous panel so that we can ensure all attendees are over 18.


As a reminder for panelists- you will be eligible for up to a maximum of four (4) badges per approved programming item.  You may have as many people on your programming item as you would like, but anyone over the initial four (4) MUST pay for a badge.

Only those people included in the initial panel application will be considered for complimentary badges. You will not be able to add people after you have sent in your submission.

If you have already purchased or otherwise obtained your badge for Animé Los Angeles 20, you will not receive an additional badge. If you are Staff or are getting your badge for free (pass-on, prize, etc.) you will not receive any additional badges.

Please note that no transfers, roll-overs, pass-ons, or refunds can be given due to associated costs and overhead with doing so.

Panelists who are more than 15 minutes late and do not contact us beforehand will have their panel canceled, and will not be asked back next year.

Lastly, PLEASE NOTE: ALL panelists must show valid ID to pick up their badge.
Please ensure that all panelists arrive with enough time to pick up their badge before your panel to avoid delays.

Time Slots:

Programming items typically run one hour. There will be a 15-minute break between each programming item for transition/tear-down/set-up of the next programming item.

You may request more than one hour, but please be advised that we anticipate a large number of programming requests. In order to accommodate as many as possible, and to ensure an even variety, we may need to limit programming requests over one hour.

Programming runs:

  • Thursday approximately 11 AM to Midnight;
  • Friday from 10 AM to 2 AM;
  • Saturday 10 AM to 2 AM;
  • Sunday 10 AM to 5 PM.

Note that times listed are subject to change.
Please ensure that you choose at least two options for your panel. BUT
Please be advised that if you select a time block option, you may in fact get scheduled for that time.This is especially important for late-night programming.
Every year someone makes the mistake of picking an option that they’re not actually free for, and then losing their spot when they realize that they can’t make it. Don’t let this person be you.
If we really love your programming idea and can’t make it fit in our schedule, we may reach out and see if there’s another time that can be found, so please stay tuned in the weeks leading up to and after the deadline for submissions.

Programming Locations:

All programming will be taking place at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Programming Equipment and Tech:

All Panels and Workshop rooms contain the following:

  • Stage/Table

  • One (1) Shure Wireless mic w/ stand

  • Three (3) SM 58 or equivalent Wired Mics w/ stands

  • One (1) projector and (8’) screen

  • One (1) HDMI cable for your laptop or other device

  • Speakers

Demos(Sunday LP2) – little to no tech, possible microphone and speaker setup. Let us know if you need this ahead of time.

Please note that we may not be able to accommodate any requests made at the convention.

Please ensure that all needed adapters are brought with you to the convention space.

If something does arise however as an emergency, do not hesitate to contact us and we will see what we can do to keep things running smoothly!


If your programming request is approved, a representative is responsible for checking in with Programing Ops a minimum of 30 minutes before each program item so we can confirm everything is set correctly, if you have any questions, need assistance locating the program room, etc.
We would prefer that you check in 1 hour prior, however 30 minutes is the point at which you risk forfeiting your room. The check-in table for Programming Ops is located directly in front of our room upstairs at 201B.

You will need to check in with Programming Ops before each of your program items if you have more than one, unless back-to-back.

Information printed in Program Book, Pocket Guide, website, and other areas:

Please note that information provided such as stage names, bios, and other information submitted in the programming application may be printed in the program guide/website/etc.
Let us know if there are particular points you’d like not to be communicated beyond the obvious.


Programming application deadlines TBD

We will not accept any submission after the application deadline. Prospective programming hosts may apply for multiple panels/events, however there is no guarantee that any or all will be accepted.

To apply for a panel or workshop please click our Submission Form links above.

You will be notified by the end of October if your program request has been approved or denied. Not all requests will be approved.

For any Programming Questions, please contact:

Please check your spam folder regularly in case our updates found their way there – missed emails will not be accepted as an excuse or exception.

We look forward to seeing you here at Animé Los Angeles in January!