Table Top Gaming

Updated Apr 20, 2024 @ 11:31 am

Come by Tabletop Gaming. We will have Dungeon and Dragons and various other RPGs running throughout the weekend, as well as Werewolf every night. Table top serves as a great hub for gaming throughout the weekend with a great library for open gaming. Come learn a game and have a great time!


Table Top Gaming Rules:

•No food or drink at tables.
•Sit on the chairs, not on the tables, or you will be asked to leave.
•Respect the other players and the games. Treat them nicely.
•The GM running the game is the authority. His/her/their word goes.
•No abuse of people or game items.
•Keep the noise level down so that others are not disturbed (don’t swear or shout as this can bother other gamers).
•Don’t bring in music, e-games, vids or other noise makers—it is loud enough in the room!
•You must leave an ID or badge to check out a game.
•Return games in the same condition you got them (all pieces included and put away neatly).
•Clean up after yourself —garbage goes in the trash can, not on the tables or floor
Open play games available for check-out with ID from Staff Person WHENEVER game room is open and space is available to play. Experienced and inexperienced gamers are welcome. Please come early for Character creation in RPGs

Full Tabletop schedule to be announced at a later date!