Manga Lounge

Updated Apr 22, 2024 @ 10:52 am

Grab a book and get comfortable~

Want a quiet place to eat your late-night snack while reading the latest issue of Spy X Family? Can’t decide if you want to buy the first volume of One Punch Man or the seventh volume of Magical Sempai? Then the Manga Lounge is the place for you! Come join us!


Come in and read a graphic novel – try it before you buy. No heavy foods and drinks are allowed in the lounge.
Have manga that you don’t want anymore and would like to share them with others? We’re accepting donations! Get an exclusive Donation Ribbon!

The manga lounge at Animé LA, with attendees enjoying a good read or looking for something new to enjoy!


Please take no more than three manga at a time so that other guests can enjoy the books. This location is for reading and quiet discussion; please do not be disruptive. All badges must be checked-in to the librarians upon entry to the lounge. Bags, Purses, Lunch Boxes, etc. large enough to fit a book MUST be checked with the Librarians. Any attempt to leave with Library property will result in the revocation of your membership to Animé Los Angeles.