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Updated Apr 22, 2024 @ 10:44 am

Commanding the stage with joy and charm! The Idol Showcase is here! ✨

This is the place to see what being an Idol is all about! Some of the best and brightest kaiga idols are here to rock out the last day of con! Come join us and celebrate your favorite idols!

Stay tuned for more information on this year’s Idol Showcase!

Wanna know more about the idols performing? Check below! 

✨See our idols from ALA 19 below!✨

Idol Hamu Cotton. Cosplaying as Gwar Gura

Hamu Cotton

Hamu Cotton is a Japanese cosplay performance YouTuber and Influencer based in the SoCal area. She combines her favorite hobbies and passions—dancing, singing, performing, makeup, and film—to bring her favorite anime characters to life. Follow her social media to keep updated on her next activities and projects!

Instagram/YouTube/TikTok/Twitter: @hamu_cotton

Idol Group Annie


Because age doesn’t matter to do what you love, here is Annie, the Otona Idol from Chile! Since 2018 delivering through singing and dancing her love for idol and jpop music in this long and thin country called Chile with AKB48 and Watanabe Mayu as her biggest role models to follow. She has conquered multiple stages in Chile and now she has the dream of conquering the stages of America and even the world. Let’s support her with blue lightsticks to form a vast sea of wotas!


Aqu♡rius Encore Project

We are a 7 member overseas idol group based in Southern California with the goal to promote idol culture and entertainment throughout the region. Our group has been performing at events and creating content since 2017, but 2022 marked the start of our journey into developing a brand new image for our group! We just released our first original song, RACKETBALL, now available on Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Music!


Bubble Girls Idol Experience

Hello from the Bubble Girls Idol Experience, BGIE for short. 🫧 We are a Southern California idol group of comprised of 4 friends and 1 racoon in an idol outfit. We’ll let you guess which one. 🦝 When we’re not drinking boba, or practicing our formation changes, you can find BGIE performing at local anime conventions, maid cafes, and online through Spotify and YouTube. 🖥️

Instagram/YouTube/Spotify: @BubbleGirlsIdolExperience



Hiding in your WiFi and connecting to your hearts, DECO*PRO ! We are a vocaloid-based cover group in Southern California and we are beyond excited to dance and perform our special circus themed setlist with you all today! Welcome to the show!

Youtube: @decopro4826
Instagram: @deco.pro_



Hi to everyone at ALA, we are Edelweiss! Located in Socal, we have been performing in the local con scene for the past three years. Primarily we sing and dance to music from the franchise Ensemble Stars, but we like to throw in some anisong and j-pop beats to keep everybody moving and excited. As an idol group we aim to entertain everyone with music that makes us smile, hoping it brings you all with just as much elation. Those who enjoy life are those who win!

Instagram: @edelweiss.idols
YouTube: @Edelweissidols

Irodori idols

Irodori Idols is a passionate dance cover group dedicated to captivating audiences with the dazzling essence of the Love Live universe! In previous projects, they have embodied the vibrant spirits of Aqours, Saint snow, and Liella. Today, they are ready to dazzle the stage as the group who started it all μ’s! Get ready for a trip down nostalgia lane!!

Tiktok/YouTube: @irodoriidols 


Get ready to sing, dance, and smile with overseas idol, Phoebe! Phoebe (AKA “Feebeechanchibi”) is an singer, VA, and kaigai idol dedicated to making people smile and enchanting them on stage with her heartwarming timbre and fairy-like vocals. Phoebe loves singing and writing her own original songs in Japanese and English, performs on stage, and most recently released her first full-length album “All of My Life.” 

As a singer and VA, you can hear her voice in games and animated series such as Little Goody Two Shoes, Luminous Avenger iX 2, NOISZ STΔRLIVHT, Strawbunny and Friends, and many more upcoming projects. Phoebe just wrapped up her first-ever nationwide Beach2Beach tour in 2023 and is ready to kick off a new year of idol adventures at Anime Los Angeles in 2024!

Twitter/Tiktok/Instagram/YouTube: @feebeechanchibi


For any questions, please contact: [email protected]

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