Staffing Opportunities

Updated Aug 22, 2022 @ 12:19 pm

If you’re interested in being a part of our staff for Animé Los Angeles, please click the link HERE and fill out our Staff Application! We look forward to hearing from you!





Please consider working for the Registration Department. Reg dispenses badges to convention attendees, panelists, staff, and others. Reg people mostly sit at a table with a computer and a printer, look up names, check ID, print labels, carefully affix said labels onto appropriate badges, and cheerfully hand said badges to grateful conventioneers. You will be most peoples first point of contact with the convention, so if you enjoy meeting people, and like looking at all the costumes, Reg may very well be the department for you. To apply, please send your contact information directly to the Department Head for Registration, Martin Young, at


Live Music & Bands

We help with setup and logistics of the various musical acts, ensuring technical readiness for concerts and making sure the performers are kept in the loop. It’s a physically active task, though good interpersonal and audio technical skills are very handy; a little experience is great so long as you are willing to learn on the job what you need to do. Please contact for additional information.



We work mainly on Day Zero and Day Four of the convention. Inventory will arrive first thing in the morning at the convention center day zero, and we will organize and distribute inventory for other depts. across the center. On day four we will be doing the opposite of that which is receiving and organizing inventory from the depts. and prepping it to be sent back to our warehouse. Aside from those two big days, all we ask is for Logistics staff to be present throughout the weekend for a handful of hours (typically two hours a day but not mandatory) in order to just oversee check in/out of our equipment to other depts. (i.e. dollies, etc.), or in case we need to help with moving inventory. Please contact for additional information.



The Publications department is in charge of all published material for the convention, including the program book, official documents, signs, guest announcement graphics, web banners, the mobile Guidebook app, and many, many other things. We make sure the con’s official branding and “look” is maintained, work with volunteer artists to get artwork to use on our materials, and make sure other departments get the materials they need for their functions. Most of our work comes before the convention ever begins, but at con we always have need of helpers to create and deploy signs. Please contact for additional information.


Costume Repair Station


Check In folks needing repairs and handing out items need for people to make their own repairs. No cosplay experience needed but preferred. Please email for additional information.

Crowd management, badge check, code of conduct enforcement, safety presence. Please contact for additional information.

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Animé Los Angeles 18

Anime Los Angeles 18 will be held on January 5 – 8th, 2023 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, CA.



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