DAY 2, FRIDAY JANUARY 5th at 4:30 PM


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The Cosplay Catwalk Half Time Show is one of the most exciting parts of the Animé Los Angeles Fashion Show! We are so honored and excited to have the opportunity to showcase the incredible Cosplays created and crafted by you, the ⁷. Check out previous year’s photos! Click the link above for details!

Featured Designers


Natashia creates innovative, timeless and artistic collections for the modern man and woman who demand quality and function. She draws inspiration from British heritage, American lifestyle, and Japanese silhouettes & techniques by using custom designs, high-quality materials, and sustainable manufacturing practices. Her designs are worn by celebrities like Lil Nas X and Billie Eilish amongst many others.
Her latest collection Saville Row Samurai, Challenging the traditional Savile Row styling and the ancient Art of the Samurai, brings a twist with a fine sense of colour to push the envelope. Creating contemporary silhouettes featuring custom designed prints combining old styles & techniques mixed with modern iconography anime references. Raising the profile of this new tailoring style with modern day street culture as a comprehensive approach to fashion.


Ancient Latin
(Noun) – Elegance of beauty or form, manner, motion, or action.
Founded by Los Angeles based design duo ENI and NIGMA, VENIA was created to bridge the gap between Fantasy and Reality. Drawing inspiration from the spirit of adventure in a dystopian universe, the duo designs in the form of seasonal collections imprinted with deep reflections of nature, society, and postmodern phenomena.
Unconventional silhouettes and traditional craftsmanship are utilized to convey each season’s narrative. The seamless blend of languid asymmetrical shapes and precision tailoring emphasize a masculine and feminine duality; a common thread present throughout their work. Through a unique combination of Fashion, Art, and Multimedia Narrative Storytelling, each collection focuses on sustainable development and progressive design.
VENIA is seen on many artists who share the same vision such as: Korn, Avenged Sevenfold, Tinashe, Tini, Gryffin, Seven Lions, Trippie Red and many more.


I am Analeia. My clothes seem to turn people into life like dolls. It’s whimsical and fun! Some say it’s like street x Alice in Wonderland. There’s lots of bright colors, corsets, tutus and I draw my own prints! It’s high end, bold, and has a way of making you feel like you’re in another world – a more fun one. 😀


At Elhoffer Design, we don’t just make comfortable clothes with pockets, we make pieces you’ll love that we hope will last for years!
We are focused on making our customers feel amazing and powerful in the clothes we make. Almost all our apparel is designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, California to ensure each garment is crafted with the utmost care and caliber. Our few imported goods are knit at a small Chinese factory with just a few knit machines using some of the most luxurious yarns we have never encountered in Los Angeles.
We value a great fit and quality textiles, and we produce apparel in small and often limited runs. Designs are inspired by pop culture and use silhouette, color, texture, and lines to tell the story of the character or fandom while creating comfy and chic fashion. We test fits on a variety of curves and bring in a variety of models in our photoshoots to try and represent as many types of bodies as possible with our limited small business resources.


RONOVA (rō-nō-vä) focuses on creating cute and feminine looks that are inspired in part by the niche fashion cultures of Japan and Korea. Combining the traditional construction and shapes for a modern world, Ronova continues to push herself to create pieces that are a bit different and fun, but also functional in the real world.
Ronova is delighted to be returning to Anime Los Angeles’ Fashion Show and look forward to meeting you at our booth in the exhibit hall!


Miss Alphabet got her start 20 years ago during her fashion studies at a local community college. After discovering alternative and J-fashion LiveJournal communities she took advantage of her fabric store employee discount and started selling her work directly on eBay.
As a plus size gal she’s always kept larger sizes included in her offerings. She had more of a retro and rockabilly edge for the first few years until she discovered fairy kei fashion. 80’s and 90’s themes in pastels and neons now dominate her work. Now her current favorite materials are vintage bedsheets, dollhouse accessories, and deadstock fabrics to create a look like a walking Malibu Dreamhouse or early 90’s bedroom.
Today, Miss Alphabet’s handmade pieces can be found on her website and Etsy shop, and are enjoyed by the Harajuku community, drag queens, and Barbie enthusiasts alike!

Special Performance by:


BLACKROS3 is a live rockband from Las Vegas performing fan-favorite music from anime and video games. Since 2017 Michael and Vanessa have been showcasing a variety of fun and upbeat songs notably featuring intricate bass riffs, face melting guitar solos, and occasionally even instrumental violin. Don’t miss out on this unique blend of singable classics, Japanese renditions, and overall good vibes.

Hair by:


Sass has over a decade of professional experience in the LA/Orange County area. Her career has seen her excel in salon settings and international brand education, consistently delivering expert styling for various events. She is known for her precision, keen eye for texture and style, and mastery of technical skills, which result in exceptional hairstyling solutions for a wide range of occasions. Sass’s primary goal is to boost her clients’ confidence and aesthetic appeal, whether they’re seeking her services for a wolf cut, wedding or a festival look. Her unwavering enthusiasm extends to creative opportunities in the salon and beyond, including editorials, expos, special occasions, and more.

Makeup by:


Make-up Designory® (MUD) brings together the highest quality cosmetics, professional and personal education with passionate make-up artists to create perfect make-up for
professional and everyday use. For over two decades, MUD has been the leading make-up
school graduating some of the finest make-up artists in the field. Each year, hundreds of talented individuals from around the world comes to MUD campuses in Burbank, California, the hometown of the film industry, in New York’s Manhattan district, and several locations in Europe to learn the art of Beauty make-up and the intricacies of prosthetics and special make-up effects.



Find your favorite designers inside the Exhibit Hall and get the chance to purchase the amazing pieces from their collections, straight off the runway! Here you can chat with the designers and learn more about their process and inspiration. The Fashion Show designers will be located inside the Exhibit Hall near the Artist Alley. Don’t miss out!