Meet your favorite fashion designers at the Fashion Show Boutique and get the chance to purchase the amazing pieces from their collections, straight off the runway! Here you can chat with the designers and learn more about their process and inspiration. The Fashion Show Boutique is located inside the Exhibit Hall. Don’t miss out!

Featured Designers


Natashia Miyazaki creates innovative, timeless and artistic collections for the modern man and woman who demand quality and function. She draws inspiration from British heritage, American lifestyle, and Japa- nese silhouettes & techniques by using custom designs, high-quality materials, and sustainable manufacturing practices. Her designs are worn by celebrities like Lil Nas X and Billie Eilish amongst many others.

Her latest collection Saville Row Samurai, Challenging the traditional Savile Row styling and the ancient Art of the Samurai, brings a twist with a fine sense of colour to push the envelope. Creating contempo- rary silhouettes featuring custom designed prints combining old styles & techniques mixed with modern iconography anime references. Raising the profile of this new tailoring style with modern day street culture as a comprehensive approach to fashion.


Kristin Costa is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus in wearable art and costume design. She has worked on costumes for films, plays, music videos, and magazine editorials. Costa currently works as a costume designer in NYC as well as designing an eponymous fashion line. Heath Stevenson is a constant collaborator, lending talents in the arenas of makeup, hair, styling, performance, and more over the years, as well as designing their own collections and costumes.

This collection is about feeling out of place whilst trying to rejoin a world that feels incongruous with our own identities, and being an explorer in a strange land.


Creators Guild, Pioneers of the Anime Streetwear culture, continues to create designs that connect people and reinforces their identities as true fans of anime and gaming culture. The guild’s iconic sportswear designs have been seen through the world as they blurred the lines between the fictional world and IRL. Now, Creators Guild, aims to be the main source of everyday apparel to true fans of the anime and gaming culture.


M.RAGE | ASTRAL SYSTEMS is a streetwear apparel and accessories brand inspired by Japanese techwear fashion. Based in Los Angeles, M.RAGE is proud to feature our collection of all-original designs, along with officially licensed collaborations with beloved anime and video game franchises.
Join us in experiencing our PILOT 2022 collection, which is heavily influenced by our designer’s passion for cyberpunk and mecha anime. Our “ZERO-GRAV” inspired fashion-line aims to make the wearer feel like the anime protagonist of their very own science-fiction anime with vibrant colors and bold iconography.


RONOVA (rō-nō-vä) is a small independent fashion design house that quietly started in 2015 with handmade pieces inspired by the Rococo and Baroque period. Sue, the designer, focuses on blending traditional construction, shapes, and fabric with today’s world. She always strives to create pieces that are both fun and functional to be worn in the workplace to the nightlife, special events, and everything in between.
For 2023, Ronova is focused on creating vibrant designs with colors as we slowly and carefully come out of a very dark and bleak period of history.

We are absolutely thrilled to be here for the ALA Fashion Show and invite you to visit our booth after the show!


Made in LA. Inspired by stories.

VENIA : Ancient Latin for the English word Grace. Noun; elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action.

Los Angeles based design duo Eni and Nigma created VENIA, a multi-platform fashion label dedicated to pursuing grace through the science of dress. Drawing inspiration from architecture and engineering, the duo designs in the form of seasonal stories imprinted with deeply personal impressions about society and postmodern phenomena.

Modern technological luxury, effortless elegance, and intentional utility are three fundamental principles the brand is committed to portraying. Ethically made in the United States, all pieces are engineered and cut specifically to suit our wearer’s individual physical intricacies.

Our mission is to tell stories of the present, crafting each collection as the zeitgeist.


Discovering this passion at an early age, art has always fueled Damion’s need to create. Believing in the words his grandfather said to him, “The simplest things are the most complex to express.” This later in life led him to obtaining his degree in Fashion Design.
“Through my eyes I see them as puzzle pieces, and those elements from which I can use my editorial eye to bridge fashion with cosplay while combining elements of art, music and a richly deep color and fabrication.”

Moving to San Diego seven years ago and meeting inspiring cosplayers, the House of Ryura was built bringing the idea that all artists can work together, giving birth to the RyuraVerse where he is creating persona, not just fashion.


With a penchant for 80’s and early 90’s super girly motifs, Miss Alphabet will walk you right down memory lane. Her designs hit you straight in the face with elements of Barbie, new wave, 80’s and 90’s inspired elements (hello, ballerina bears?), and of course, j-fashion. The founder, Liz, began with more punk and rockabilly styles but quickly abandoned those upon discovering fairy kei brands like Spank! and Nile Perch. Originally you could bid on one of her creations on eBay if timing was on your side, but now there’s plenty for everyone on her website and Etsy shop!

Special Performance by:


BLACKROS3 is a Las Vegas based rock band duo covering otaku favorites from anime, and video games. Musicians Vanessa and Michael are known for their variety-show performances that are packed with face melting guitar solos, instrument swaps, Japanese and English vocals, and instrumental renditions.
Learn more about BLACKROS3 band at

Make-up by:

Established in 2018, Mia Valdez Beauty was formed by a graduate of the Sandra E. Artist
Elite Makeup Academy. Having extensive training from a celebrity makeup artist with
decades of experience, Mia aims to create a collective of other highly trained artists with
great technical skills to help others feel confident and empowered. It is their goal to set high
standards in the makeup industry and bring every person’s inner beauty outward, one glow
up at a time.

hAIR by:

With over 50 years of experience, TONI&GUY is an international icon and leader in the
hairdressing industry, setting new standards for hairdressers and making education available
globally. TONI&GUY is renowned for providing clients with Italian finishing and English precision
cutting personalized to fit everyone’s needs and lifestyle. Synonymous with luxury service,
cutting edge techniques and fashion-conscious concepts TONI&GUY remains committed to
artistic excellence.