Information on ALA 17 in development. Below is information from ALA 16 in 2020.

Join us for a night of formal frivolity Thursday evening from 7 pm – 11 pm in the Entertainment Lounge (room 203) at the Ontario Convention Center. Join us for our ballroom dance panel held before the Ball or simply dance the night away in your own style.

There will be a Royal Court contest where you may grace the stage and our guests with your most regal cosplay or formal outfit. There are many fabulous prizes to be won! The judging event will start at 9 pm and winners will be announced at 10 pm.

This is a Formal Event and as such has a dress code, formal attire will be required for the entire length of the event. There is no additional ticket or purchase required to attend the dance, just your ALA 2020 badge (Full Event or Thursday/Day 1 access badge). No badge, non formal attire or a combination of both will mean you are not granted entrance into the dance.

There will be a bag check just inside the entrance, so if you need to bring a purse or bag and do not want to hold it for the duration of the event we can hold onto it for you and you will receive either a card or a tag in return matching the one put with your item. We do ask all props, especially large ones such as weapons and wings that extend past your shoulders, while lovely, be left in your rooms or cars for this event as we will not hold fragile belongings.