Signage Policy

Updated Apr 22, 2024 @ 10:16 am

Signage Approval Policy

Please be aware that no signs or other materials may be posted on the walls in and around the convention, unless it is official signage produced by Animé Los Angeles or signage specifically approved by the convention. In addition, any official signs that have been written on or otherwise defaced will be removed by staff; please respect the convention and other attendees who need the information provided on said signs and do not vandalize them.

If you wish to post a sign at the convention, please look over these rules for attendee-produced signage:

1- Signs may not be used for advertisement for a dealer’s hall/artist alley table, a panel, an event, etc. (This means signs containing hints or clues for a ribbon game or a scavenger hunt or something along those lines are allowed, but one simply directing people to your website or room party is not.)

2- Only one sign may be posted by a particular individual/group.

3- Signs must be approved by the Communications director or the con chair before the convention and presented to them at the convention to be stamped before being posted. (Any signage posted without the approval stamp will be removed, even if you received an email approving it.)

4- To be approved, signs must be reasonably professional in appearance and of a reasonable size.

5- Requests for approval must be submitted before the publications deadline (November 5, 2023).

e-mail any requests or questions to: [email protected]

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