The Electric Town’s Maid Cafes

Updated Apr 22, 2024 @ 10:51 am

The Electric Town’s Maid Cafes

Did you know that Akihabara is nicknamed Electric Town? At Animé LA 19, the Seaside meeting rooms were effectively turned into a mini Akihabara, featuring a game lounge, manga lounge, and maid cafes!

Check out The Electric Town’s Maid Cafes that joined us last year, and get a taste of the many experiences that you might see from our local maid cafes! Moe Moe Kyun!




Dreamland Maid Cafe Maids interacting with their guests
Dreamland Maid Cafe


Visit Dreamland Maid Cafe, America’s largest indie Maid Cafe from Los Angeles, CA! Come live your “super-kawaii” anime dreams at the maid cafe, complete with food, drink, live performance, photo-ops and more. Inspired by the cafes of Japan’s “Electric Town”, Akihabara, have your meal served by the Maids, cast a magical power-up spell and cheer us on in the DreamLIVE! idol showcase. Programming is for all ages, come see what it’s all about!

Socials: @Dreamlandmaidcafe |

Group photo of the Maid Academy Cafe Members
Maid Academy Cafe


We are Maid Academy Cafe! 

A maid/butler cafe dedicated to hosting cafes, performing, and being the most fun group we can be! Here at M.A.C we highly encourage individuality and allow our staff to dress in costumes/characters they see fit. Creating an environment for everyone to shine and show their true potential. As a former cat rescue cafe, we rehomed over 70 cats with all your help!

We are excited to join the Anime Los Angeles lineup and ready to bring colorful joy to all those who meet us!

Socials: @MaidAcademyCafe