Personalized Ribbons at Animé Los Angeles

Updated Jan 2, 2024 @ 1:28 pm

Personalized Ribbons at Anime Los Angeles: Unleash Your Creativity at the Ribbon Station!

Are you seeking a more individualized ribbon experience beyond our pre-made packs? Look no further! Visit the Ribbon Station at Anime Los Angeles during the convention and inquire about our on-the-spot ribbon-making service, expertly provided by our dedicated volunteers.


  • $20 for 25 Standard Ribbons (4”x1”)
  • $30 for 25 Large Ribbons (4”x2.25”)

Book Online:

Appointments will become available closer to the event.

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Custom printed ribbons made at Animé LA

Get custom made ribbons during the convention weekend! Book an appointment for yours!

Full Color Ribbons vs Foil Ribbons

While many vendors use hot-stamped colorful foils onto satin ribbon, our preferred method involves full-color printing on white satin material, allowing for flexible designs and a speedy 1-2 hour turnaround time. Get your custom ribbons the same day you imagine them!

On-the-Spot or Prepared Designs

Whether you’re a spur-of-the-moment creator or like to plan ahead, our Ribbon Station has you covered! Bring your own design or create one on the spot. For those with a design ready, submit it in advance for a faster production turnaround. Designs should adhere to the following dimensions:

  • Standard: 4”x1”
  • Large: 4”x2.25”




Submission Process:

Send your designs to [email protected] along with your name and appointment time.

Design Details for On-the-Spot Creations:

  • Graphic/Logo
  • Text/Quote
  • Font:
    (Recommendation: Explore fonts on Dafont or 1001 Free Fonts. Share the direct link to your chosen font.)
  • Description of desired design:
    (Provide a simple description, or sketch something on a sticky note, and we’ll bring it to life!)

Image Quality Requirements:

For the best results, submit designs in PNG or PSD format with high DPI. Keep in mind that highly pigmented colors may not translate well onto white ribbon, so we recommend avoiding solid or majority black-colored designs.

Quantity Requirements and Guidelines:

To streamline the ordering process and ensure the best experience for all attendees, we have established the following quantity guidelines at the Anime Los Angeles Ribbon Station. Please note that bulk discounts are not available, as we have an upper limit on the quantity we can offer.

Quantity Guidelines:

  • Ribbons can be ordered in increments of 25.
  • A maximum of 4 designs is allowed per registered time slot.
  • The total quantity per registered time slot is capped at 200 ribbons.

Understanding the Guidelines:

  • If you desire a single ribbon design, you can order between 25 and 200 ribbons of the same design.
  • For multiple designs, the quantity must still be in multiples of 25 and should not exceed the maximum of 200 ribbons.
  • Example scenarios:
    • 50 ribbons of 4 separate designs
    • 100 ribbons of one design, 50 of another, and 25 each of designs 3 and 4.

These limits have been set to ensure that the Ribbon Station can efficiently fulfill your order within the designated timeframe and without impacting the schedules of other attendees.

Content Restrictions:

Please be aware of our content restrictions. Our dedicated staff reserves the right to refuse any design that includes references to:

  • Alcohol or other indecent acts
  • Violence or self-harm
  • Offensive content pertaining to race, gender, sex, religion, political, etc.

For any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or visit the Ribbon Station during the convention!