Takeriya Samurai Mikarin & Hagi

Updated Nov 6, 2022 @ 6:05 pm

Mikarin has been cosplaying and singing in costumes since when she fell in love with anime in 2004. Even before she started cosplaying, she was a musician, so when she picked up cosplay, naturally, she wanted to connect her love of singing to her love of performing in costumes. In 2005 She started to make cosplay costumes and in 2006 she started to cosplay with her husband Takeriya Hagi as cosplay unit “Takeriya Samurai.” Together they enjoy the creation of costumes and presentations and their cosplay projects have been entered in many masquerades and have received more than a dozen awards. Mikarin being from Japan, the land of Anime, also Takeriya Hagi who lived in Japan for 10 years they have a desire to share the Japanese pop culture heritage with anime fans in the U.S. by hosting panels performing in costumes at various anime conventions.
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