January 10-13, 2019 Ontario, California

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Fashion After Dark

Fashion After Dark is an evening fashion show for adults only. There will be lingerie, lounge-wear, and other intimate clothes on display with live performances during the show.

Thursday, January 25th

10:30 pm-11:30 pm in Entertainment Lounge (203)

For more information, message Trinity Drayton via facebook.com/LadyBaldrsRunway

Designers: Bunny Over the Moon, Sultry Vamps, L Royalty, Miss Alphabet, His Little Kitten, A Red Thread

Entertainment by: Andrew Alandy, Tamia Drayton, and Ally Vega

“We’re showing our flirty and sexy side after dark, with a Victoria’s Secret-esque fashion show, featuring musical selections sung by co-hosts Andrew J Alandy and Mia Drayton. Take a peek at what our designers have to offer when the sun goes down at Fashion After Dark, brought to you by Lady Baldr’s Runway. This event is for adults only. ID check at the door.”


His Little Kitten
His little Kitten is A custom order line of Rave, kink and clubwear for geeky and freaky individuals!
Whether you want to be a powerful princess, an adorable animalistic cutie or a creature from a planet far far away, we can make your dreams come true by designing something that’s custom fit to your size and style!
HLK Customs specializes in making you feel sexy and confident at your next event.

Miss Alphabet
Have you ever wanted Barbie’s wardrobe? Ever wish you could wear what they have in the children’s section? Miss Alphabet derives inspiration from all that and more with her nostalgia-themed dresses and funky separates. Embrace your inner child with clothes that love your body!

Bunny Over the Moon
Bunny Over the Moon is inspired by Asian fashions and American culture. After travelling over seas, we’ve gained inspiration for every occasion. Sometimes it’s not so easy to wear something so beautiful underneath all those clothes; we intend to transition lingerie and night time clothing for the ever so going busy lives of the modern woman.

Sultry Vamps
Once upon a time, there was a Princess who dreamed of fashion. One day she created an extremely girly brand called Sultry Vamps, which grew from a tiny collection of corsets, into a full range of avant garde fashion. From dresses, special occasion, and evening wear, to cosplay, accessories, lingerie and so much more! Immersed in feminine energy and luxury, she now lives happily ever after as the Empress Vainglorious of Sultry Vamps!

A Red Thread
Raven is the creator, designer, owner, Everything for A Red Thread. This woman has survived so much and yet nothing has stopped her determination in making amazing clothing that expresses her spirit and love of fanciful fashion. In the last few years Raven has overcome cancer, personal tragedy, and being made homeless, and through it all making clothing has kept her going, kept her focused, and always reminded her of what really drives her. “I want to make clothing that makes people feel Amazing and wonderful, as it should be. No matter your weight, size, gender, orientation, we all should have the chance to stop a party, catch someone’s breath, and make heads turn. I want to give people a way to do that without having to say a word. Wear my clothing everyday, anywhere, however you want, don’t ever apologize for being YOU, your true, authentic self.”

L. Royalty Clothing
“Cute Items for Unique People” L. Royalty Clothing is a brand that is inspired by Barbie, harajuku fashion, and everything pink. Bold colors, mix and match prints and everything in between, L Royalty Clothing is for the girl who wants to stand out in the crowd. Founded by costume designer & tv personality, Ginger Nichelle, L. Royalty is definitely a brand for those who love to coordinate their look everyday. The Royal Garden Collection for Spring/Summer 2018 is inspired by florals, sunny California weather, and beautiful garden parties. This collection was made to bring out the Barbie queen in you.