Updated May 24, 2021 @ 8:16 am

Is Animé Los Angeles 17 going to happen?

Yes. Animé Los Angeles 17 is currently scheduled for January 7-10, 2021. In the event this date is changed, we will update everyone as soon as possible. We are carefully monitoring each day’s new developments in relation to the current global situation. For now, we are proceeding on course for our January 2021 dates.

Why haven’t you postponed Animé Los Angeles 17 yet?

As many people are aware from other events’ announcements in the past few months, in order to avoid very hefty penalties we need to wait for the venue (or the city/county/state) to tell us we can not have our event as planned. Since this has not happened, we have to continue to plan for our event in January for next year.

What happens to my ticket (badge) / dealer booth / artist alley table if Animé Los Angeles 17 is postponed?

If Animé Los Angeles 17 is postponed all tickets and vendor spaces will be rolled over to the new dates at no additional cost. This means that should there be an increase in ticket/vendor space prices in the future, you are covered 100%.

Can I still transfer my ticket (badge) to someone else?

Yes, regardless of what happens you will always have the opportunity to transfer your ticket (badge) to someone else.

Can I get a refund for my ticket (badge) / dealer booth / artist alley table?

Should Animé Los Angeles 17 be postponed, we will have to transfer our costs to our new dates. All the revenue we have received from the purchase of tickets (badges), Dealer Booths, and Artist Alley Tables is currently tied up in the cost of renting the Convention Center, the decorator, the audio visual company, marketing, staffing and multitude other areas each year. All tickets (badges) will be valid for any new dates in the event Animé Los Angeles 17 is postponed. Dealers Booths and Artist Alley tables will also be automatically transferred to the new dates.

What about my hotel reservations?

In the event that Animé Los Angeles 17 is postponed, any hotel reservations made via our official hotel block will be automatically canceled. No action will be needed on your part. Information on future hotel block reservations will be made at a later date.

If you made your hotel reservation outside of our official hotel block, you would need to cancel that on your own. Please note we are not responsible for any fees/penalties you may incur for reservations made outside of our official hotel block.

What about my travel plans?

We strongly encourage anyone making air travel arrangements to ensure they have refundable/reschedulable airline tickets. While most major carriers have expanded their policies regarding COVID-19, you should confirm before purchasing any airline tickets.

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