Updated May 24, 2021 @ 8:23 am

Is Animé Los Angeles 17 going to happen?

Yes. While we had hoped to hold Animé Los Angeles 17 as originally planned in January of 2021, it is obvious that will not be doable due to the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic. Please see the announcement below for information on our new dates and location.

What happens to my ticket (badge) / dealer booth / artist alley table?

All tickets and vendor spaces will be rolled over to the new dates at no additional cost. This means that should there be an increase in ticket/vendor space prices in the future, you are covered 100%.

As a special ‘thank you’ for your support during these challenging times, we are happy to announce that everyone who bought a ticket or vendor space will receive a special limited edition “ALA 2021” pin! These will ONLY be available to those who have purchased a ticket (or artist table or dealer space) in the 2020 calendar year. They will NOT be made available to anyone else. The ONLY way you can get this pin is if you have purchased a ticket or vendor space during 2020. Please note we will be pausing ticket sales after November 30th, 2020 for a holiday break and will be resuming sales in early 2021.

Can I still transfer my ticket (badge) to someone else?

Yes, you will always have the opportunity to transfer your ticket (badge) to someone else. Please note that if you transfer your ticket to someone else, the special pin (see above) goes with the ticket.

Can I get a refund for my ticket (badge) / dealer booth / artist alley table?

As we have to transfer our costs to our new dates. All the revenue we have received from the purchase of tickets (badges), Dealer Booths, and Artist Alley Tables is currently tied up in the cost of renting the Convention Center, the decorator, the audio visual company, marketing, staffing and multitude other areas each year. All tickets (badges) will be valid for the new dates for Animé Los Angeles 17. Dealers Booths and Artist Alley tables will also be automatically transferred to the new dates.

What about my hotel reservations?

Any hotel reservations made via our official hotel block will be automatically canceled. No action will be needed on your part. Information on future hotel block reservations will be made later in 2021.

If you made your hotel reservation outside of our official hotel block, you will need to cancel that on your own. Please note we are not responsible for any fees/penalties you may incur for reservations made outside of our official hotel block.

Will you be doing any kind of virtual event?

In short, no. Since Animé Los Angeles is a very social event, it would be very difficult to do anything meaningful in a virtual environment. Our focus as an event is live interactions & socialization among fans, and the charm of Animé Los Angeles rests within that aspect of our show. We look forward to seeing everyone live and in person in January of 2022.

What about my panel submissions?

For those who have submitted panel and programming requests, we will keep your submissions on file and will reach out to you later in 2021 to confirm, if approved, whether you would like to still participate. We will also re-open the panel submission forms later in 2021 for new or additional requests.

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