Andrew Alandy – Program Host

Updated Apr 25, 2024 @ 3:41 pm

Andrew J. Alandy is a host, actor, competitive gamer, and singer hailing from Los Angeles, CA. A graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Andrew has delivered his talent to multiple events covering various events and fandoms. He has hosted at various conventions including Anime Expo, Anime Los Angeles, Pacific Media Expo, and Holiday Matsuri; he has also emceed at events such as the Orange County Cherry Blossom Festival and is the lead commentator for The Jazzy Circuit, North America’s premier Street Fighter 3: Third Strike tournament series. In addition, he has been a panelist at conventions such as San Diego Comic Con and SkillCon.

Andrew’s exploits in the acting world have made their mark across different fields. He was Admiral Datis in “Battles BC: Judgment Day at Marathon” and was a stunt fighter for “Warriors: Islands of Blood” (2009), “Sun Tzu | The Art of War” (2009), and the short film “Home Again” (2017). Most recently, Andrew has brought his energy to the voice acting world with the roles of Dante Mendoza in “Vampire the Masquerade: Port Saga” (2021-2022) and Dr. Izu Chavez for “Dreams and Machines” (2023).

Andrew has also been featured in multiple tabletop RPG live-streams and has worked with organizations such as Modiphius, The Initiative Order, Creators Assemble, Queen’s Court Games, and New Age Geeks. He blends a love of character creation with a desire to tell the shared story with each tabletop game he plays.

Overall, Andrew is about one thing: bringing positive energy to the room and making sure that the people are entertained, the guests are highlighted, and everyone leaves with a smile on their face. He is excited to return to Anime Los Angeles for another year of hosting, making memories with old friends and new faces, and building a legacy for himself and those to come! Be sure to say hi if you see him!