Ariem Cosplay – Featured Guest

Updated Sep 9, 2022 @ 2:11 pm

Ariem is a Cosplayer, Seamstress, Fabricator, Content Creator, MUA, and Designer based in Los Angeles.

Starting in 2013 Ariem learned to be extremely resourceful and budget conscious in the face of a mostly unattainable goal to cosplay at the time. She vigorously fought to do whatever she could to pursue her passion, even prolonging her education. With the support of her mother, Ariem was encouraged to sew at the age of 12 and gifted a used machine at 15 (after lots of begging). She started making outfits with sheets and no formal classes. The cosplay community at the time lacked the abundance of online patterns today so she learned to make her own.

Her degree in theatre with an emphasis in costuming and a certification in Makeup, combined with her initial love and passion for animation and character design led her to create beautiful self-made costumes and props on a budget. Ariem is mostly known for her depictions of Deku from My Hero Academia and England from Hetalia. Returning in 2023 as a cosplay guest, Ariem is thrilled to be a part of her favorite con and inspire those who may not have the financial means insinuated by the cosplay community to keep at it and follow their passion. “Never settle, be upfront about what you want and chase it.”

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