Artemis Ai – Masquerade Judge

Updated Apr 25, 2024 @ 3:46 pm

Artemis Ai is a transgender cosplayer of Master-level from Salt Lake City, Utah.

He started cosplay with his best friend in middle school; today, as Nostalgic Ai Cosplay, they still cosplay together, as a married couple as well as best friends.

His crafting fortes include wig styling, foam work, resin work and detailing. Artemis’ newest passion has been creating cosplays sustainably; Awarded 1st place in the Master’s division at Anime Los Angeles’s 2023 Masquerade with their creation of a Nine Tales Pokémon gijinka constructed from 90% repurposed, secondhand and/or reused materials.

Cosplay has played a significant part in Artemis’ self-discovery; providing a stable platform for him to experiment with his gender expression and identity. He also credits cosplay for helping them discover lifelong friendships and his found family.

During their everyday life, Artemis enjoys drawing, cuddling his cats, obsessing over his favorite fandoms, being a perma DM, and making unique DnD dice for his small business, Moon Rabbit Dice!