Austin Lee Matthews – Featured Guest

Updated Apr 25, 2024 @ 3:43 pm

Austin Lee Matthews is a non-binary, California-based voice actor, director, artist, musician, writer and everyone’s best friend. A warm-hearted, life-long entertainer who lives to make you smile. With an extremely versatile, multi-octave vocal range, Austin has played characters from all walks of life (and death… and undeath… and artificial life). They are best known as the English voice of Roche (Final Fantasy 7), Arthur (Mystery Skulls Animated), Fire Spirit Cookie & Bat Cat (Cookie Run), Ash Carbide & Ian Grimwood (Trails of Cold Steel/Trails Into Reverie), Azelle (Fire Emblem), Xander (Beyblade), and Sycamore (Pokemon: Evolutions).

On top of their iconic roles, they’re also used frequently as a utility voice and have provided the voices of numerous characters in Death Battle, Demons’ Souls, Maplestory M, Nier Automata, Junji Ito Maniac, Kakeguri, Lupin III, Detective Conan, Cookie Run Kingdom, Halo Infinite, Genshin Impact, and Octopath Traveler II. And that’s just the ones they remember off the top of their head! They’ve been acting since 2009, and you know they love it more than life.

Austin is the creator, director, writer and lead artist of Megaton Girl, a queer web series about a superhero and her girlfriend saving the world (available on Youtube, Spotify and iTunes). Oh and they played a few characters in that, too. They’ve also directed Jump Leads, a hilarious cross-dimensional sci-fi podcast (created by Ben Paddon), created several viral videos with their voice, and they’ve pet at LEAST 10 cats in their life. When they’re not screaming in front of a microphone, Austin spends their free time composing music, playing video games and D&D, writing radio plays, drawing cartoons, and also still very much still screaming in front of a microphone, because that’s called THERAPY, MOM!! …hi mom.

Follow them on Twitter @amtraxVA, Tumblr @amtrax or their website at