Ezra Weisz – Toastmaster

Updated Jul 21, 2022 @ 1:24 am

Welcome to ALA 18 I am so glad you made it. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ezra Weisz and I am your Toastmaster. I am so excited to be spending the entire convention with you. You are probably reading this little introduction in your hotel room or standing in line waiting to get into one of your favorite panels or events, or just relaxing on the floor somewhere with some of your best and newest friends. That’s how we do it here at ALA, make yourself comfortable and make yourself at home. As your Toastmaster you can consider me as your friend, even if we haven’t met yet. You’ll spot me around the Dealer’s Hall or Artists Alley or just roaming the convention halls with a Ladybug beanie on. That’s how you can spot me, get it? Spot..Ladybuhhhh oh forget it. Please come up to me and say “Hi”. I am sure I will have a ribbon for you if you do. Okay, you’re at an anime convention so you probably want to know how I tie into all of that. Well, I am a voice actor and a voice director. I have been working in the “Industry” for 25 years. I started with voicing monsters and baddies in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers then I quickly moved on to anime. I have been in Code Geass, Bleach, Naruto, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Vampire Knight, Sword Art Online, Pokemon, Akira (remastered), Outlaw Star, Ghost in the Shell, and a bunch more. As I mentioned I also direct anime like, Megalo Box, B the Beginning, Paprika, 86 Eighty-Six, and an anime adjacent show called Miraculous: tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. I love talking about the projects I have been involved in so if you have any questions (and I am not rushing to host Opening?Closing ceremonies, a panel, or Masquerade) I’d be happy to chat with you for a bit. If you want to stalk me on my socials you can find me on Insta and Tik Tok (@ezraweisz). Thanks for taking the time to make it this far down in my bio. That must really mean you care or you find me somewhat interesting and that means a lot to me. Have a safe, amazing, and memorable ALA18. YES, you should buy that plushie in the dealer hall, so get it! We are going to have a fantastic time. Let’s Weeb out!!!!!! Love you, Ezra (your Toastmaster)