Kaho Shibuya

Updated Jul 11, 2022 @ 10:20 pm

Kaho Shibuya: Cosplayer, Author, Twitch Streamer, Social Media Influencer, and Voice Actress.

Born and Raised in Tokyo Japan, Kaho has been making waves on the cosplay and convention scene! She has released several of her own Cosplay artbooks, is a former host on the YouTube channel, “Omochan,” hosts her own radio show, writes columns for multiple publications, and is an accomplished author as well. Her first Japanese-only book, “Everything Girls Should Know About The JAV Industry” is being translated, repurposed, and will soon be published for her English speaking audience! She’s even working on her second book, soon to be released in Japan!

Kaho is excited to return to ALA! Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @shibukaho to keep up-to-date with her appearances throughout the weekend!