Lemar Harris – Featured Guest

Updated Oct 4, 2022 @ 2:18 pm

Lemar “The Con Guy” Harris is a comedian, singer, streamer and all-round entertainer. He has created, developed and run several successful interactive panels for more than 20 conventions throughout the United States including The Otaku Comedy Tournament, Karaoke 101 & 102, Improv Basics for TTRPG Storytellers and Make Weebs Laugh. He has emceed and hosted crowds of more than 2,000 people and is the lead singer of the band Radio Go. He is a cast member of two podcasts: Extreme Ranking Challenge and Nerdy Point of View, as well as various TTRPG shows playing Dungeons and Dragons 5e, Pathfinder and Vampire the Masquerade You can follow Lemar on Tiktok, Twitch, Twitter and Instagram @LemarTheConGuy.