SANA – Guest of Honor

Updated Apr 25, 2024 @ 3:40 pm

SANA TAKIZAWA was born in a beautiful four-season country and sought sounds from words and landscapes that resonated with the heart. His music, originally created for himself, eventually began to resonate with the world. During overseas performances, he played the guitar alone with a backing track, creating an unforgettable musical atmosphere. His passionate style and the charm of his unique guitar sound captivated people. In the midst of the 2021 Ukraine tour, which included a total of 300 performances in 22 countries worldwide, he discovered a new identity. In August, he released a self-cover album titled “相” (Ai). He organized the “Wish Upon a Star Tour” to support people, visiting 21 cities in Ukraine, and will hold “Ver 2” from October. He is excited to hold his 7th American performance during ALA in January 2024.