TemperMental – Guest of Honor

Updated Jul 21, 2022 @ 1:23 am

TemperMental is an all-girl rock band quickly gaining notoriety in the L.A. music scene. They are lauded as “The Next Generation of Rock ‘n Roll, known for their mad harmonious rock and stellar live performances.”. The founding members of the band were brought together by circumstance while spending several months filming the Netflix Comedy TV Series “Wet Hot American Summer, Ten Years Later” in Malibu. During this time, they found that they all had a common bond in music and spent their breaks singing together. In May of 2017 they decided to form their all-girl rock band; TemperMental. You can hear their music on regular rotation now on local radio stations or see them playing at world famous venues. The band is busy releasing singles and music videos from their new album. Their music is available for streaming on all digital platforms.





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Animé Los Angeles 18

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