Entrances and Hours

Updated Jan 1, 2023 @ 12:44 pm

🌊 We’d like all attendees to be aware of the venue’s entrances for the event! 🌴

For Thursday, entrances will be open at the times listed below:
– North Promenade (Registration): 9:00 AM
– Center Promenade: 9:00 AM
– South Promenade (Hyatt): 10:00 AM
– The Cove (Seaside): 10:00 AM
– Arena Lobby: 11:00 AM

All doors will open at 9am to attendees Fri-Sunday! You must enter the North Promenade by registration if you do not have your badge. All other entries are *Badge Only* entrances!

Some entrances will be closed earlier in the evening. Please see the map for entrance locations and times of closure!

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